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Most Beautiful Architectural Structures In The World

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 9:37 am

1.Wat Rong Khun - Chiang Rai, Thailand

Looking like something out of a fairy tale that was frozen in a glacier. This Buddhist temple has no color whatsoever, making it appear ethereal against the blue sky. Artist Chalemchai Kosilpipat designed this shrine, adding sculptures and mosaics to his masterpiece.

2.Catherine Palace - St. Petersburg, Russia

Catherine Palace is most known for its baby blue exterior. Visitors to the palace during the winter months get the added pleasure of touring the grounds in a horse and sleigh. The palace is named after Peter The Great's wife, Catherine I, and was built by her daughter, Empress Elizabeth.

3.Tiger's Nest Monastery - Bhutan

This place looks like something out of a dream. Tiger's Nest Monastery in Bhutan sits on a jutted boulder on a cliff face. At 9600 feet above sea level, it is a sight to behold. Build in 1692, the building is designed around a cave that was used for meditation in the 8th century by Guru Rinpoche.

4.Hearst Tower - New York City

It seems all the buildings in New York City look the same. Huge concrete structures, reaching up towards the sky, rectangular in shape and filled with windows. The Hearst Tower, however, has a distinct look, different from the others, with its triangular glass panels. The building uses almost a quarter less steel than standard New York City sky scrapers.

5.Gresham Palace - Budapest, Hungary

Built in 1906, a $125 million restoration made Gresham Palace the beauty that it once was. Worn torn by World War II, it began to look quite shabby, but now it's a Four Seasons Hotel. This is one hotel that is steeped in history, with the lobby once being a local for only Budapest's elite to mingle.

6.Mont St. Michel - Normandy, France

Located just off the coast of Normandy, Mont. St. Michel is quite impressive as it sits on its own little island. Looking like its own private oasis, it has it's own unique sky line. The island that it resides on is only about a third of a mile off the mainland making it easily accessible at low tide.

7.The Guggenheim - Bilbao, Spain

The Guggenheim has always been a masterpiece by which all others are measured. The shiny gold pieces that have become a landmark, has become outdated but still has enough complexity to be considered high concept art, even today. Some people come just to witness the architecture first before even going into the museum.


8.Burj Al Arab - Dubai

Burj Al Arab is designed to look like a sail sitting on a private island in Dubai. Inside is the world's largest atrium, at a height of 600 feet tall. Each tier of balconies feature colors that reflect off one another. Only guests are allowed on the island, but visitors may gain access by dining at one of its restaurants.

9.Machu Picchu - South America

This 15th century building resides o n a mountain ridge, situated just above the Sacred Valley. An Inca site, it is sometimes referred to as "The Lost City of the Incas." It is said that it is the Incan birthplace of the Virgins of the Suns. A huge tourist attraction, Machu Picchu has been thirty percent restored and the restoration is still ongoing.


10.Milan Cathedral - Milan, Italy

The gothic Milan Cathedral is the 5th largest cathedral in the world, and took over six hundred years to build. Construction began in 1386 and in 1805 Napolean Bonaparte ordered it's completion as he was about to take the throne as the King. However, details were still in the works and even as recent as November of 2012, officials tried to raise funds for its preservation by asking people to adopt gargoyles from the building.

11.Sagrada Familia - Barcelona

Built by architect Antoni Gaudi, Sagrada Familia is located in Barcelona, Spain. A gothic art style cathedral, it is still unfinished, even after Gaudi spent forty years perfecting it. It is guestimated to be finished by 2026 by Gaudi's associates, who picked up where he left off after he was hit by a street car and died in 1926.


12.Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is often quoted by people everywhere when they want to refer to something grand. You will hear them say, "you think this is the Taj Mahal?" It's style is a combination of Persian, Turkish, Ottoman, Islamic and Indian architectural styles. /the white domed top became iconic since it's construction in 1632.


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