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Most Beautiful Castles Around The World

Sunday, Mar 21, 2021, 8:58 am

1.Balmoral Castle - United Kingdom

Balmoral Castle in the United Kingdom was purchased by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, in 1852. It has been the residence of the British Royals ever since. The beautiful castle with ivy covered walls resides on acres and acres of land leading up to and around the palace fit only for a Queen.

2.Windsor Castle - England

Home to the Royal Family, Windsor Castle is by far the most popular castle and one of the most beautiful. Built in the 11th century, it is the longest occupied castle in Europe. Over 500 people are employed at Windsor Castle, which is surrounded by parkland and attracts visitors from around the world, daily.

3.Chateau de Chillon - Switzerland

The Chateau de Chillion resides on an island on the shore of Lake Geneva in Switzerland and is made up of one hundred buildings merged into this one castle. It is said to have been around since 1005 or at the latest, 1160. The castle is the subject of the poem, The Prisoner of Chillon, written in 1816 by Lord Byron.

4.Bodiam Castle - United Kingdom

The Bodium Castle was built in the United Kingdom, in the 14th century. Builty by Sir Edward Dalyngrigge, the moated castle was used in the Hundred Year's War, to defend against the French invasion. Today it attracts visitors from all over the globe, coming to see the stone walls and interior of this remarkable piece of architecture.

5.Prague Castle - Czech Republic

The Prague Castle in the Czech Republic is one of the most awe inspiring castles in the world. At over 750,000 square feet, the castle is in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest ancient castle in the world. To everyone else it is one of the most beautiful in the world.

6.Highclere Castle - United Kingdom

The Highclere Castle was built in the 19th century in England. It may look familiar to fans of Downton Abbey as it was the main filming location for the show. Chosen for its classic castle look, complete with stone exterior and ridged steeples. It attracts visitors from all over the world.

7.Alnwick Castle - Northumberland

If this castle looks familiar to you, it's because both the interior and exterior of the Alnwicks Castle, located in Northumberland, was used in the Harry Potter films. All the Hogwart's scenes were filmed there, and the castle now attracked about 800,00 visitors per year, many who are Potter fans and want to venture into his world.


8.Sleeping Beauty Castle At Disneyland - California

Almost every little girl has dreamed of becoming a princess and living in a castle, especially if they've ever read Sleeping Beauty or see the Disney movie. The Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland in California is a magical destination for little girls and big girls alike. The castle is a landmark for Disneyland and was inspired by Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany.

9.Schloss Moritzburg - Germany

The Schloss Moritzburg Castle in Germany is named after Duke Moritz of Saxony. Surrounded by woodlands the castle was built on artificial land. The woods behind it are used for hunting. An extravagant castle with rounded steeples in red brick, the contrast to the golden exterior walls is breathtaking.


10.Kilkenny Castle - Ireland

The Kilkenny Castle is a dramatic piece of architecture in Ireland that is used as a graduation venue as well as for conferences. Built by William Marshal in 1195, the castle resides on acres and acres of green grass with beautiful shrubbery surrounding the land. The stone castle is awe inspiring to its many visitors.

11.Osaka Castle - Japan

The Osaka Castle in Japan is true to the architecture in the country, but a stand out from around the world. The eight story interior resides in a five tory exterior built on a stone foundation overlooking the city. In the 16th the height of the castle and stone wall, protected its inhabitants from attackers.

12.Neuschwanstein Castle - Germany

The Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany is one of the most beautiful castles you will find in the world. Built by Ludwig II of Bavaria, he used it as a private refuge. Upon his passing in 1886, the castle was opened to the public for a fee and in the 128 years since, the castle has attracted over sixty million visitors from around the globe.


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