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Most Common Crimes In USA

Sunday, Aug 23, 2020, 7:09 am

1.Online Scams

Online scams have gotten worse over the years. With the rising population who are online and declining economy, people seem to be falling for any get rich scam out there. From people claiming to be hiring and overpaying you, to then ask for the overpayment back before you learn that what they paid you was not real funds, robs you of the money they paid you and the money you paid back.

2.Shop Lifting

Shoplifting is one of the top crimes in America because some stores don't even stop the criminals. Store staff members are instructed not to try to go after someone robbing from the store, and the public can easily find out which stores enforce this policy. Often someone will swipe an armful, or bagful, of good from he front of the store, with no repercussions.

3.Aggravated Assault

Aggravated assault is an attack with the intent to injure. Most times a weapon is involved and the crime is typically hate based. Those bent on revenge, plot attacks, accounting for seven percent of the crimes committed in the USA. Vile acts that are often regretted can result in death, landing the attacker in prison for life, or on death row, depending on where the attack took place.

4.Domestic Violence

Assault on spouses, family members, girlfriends, boyfriends, and even children, all fall into the domestic violence category of crime. Families are broken apart every day because of uncontrolled anger resulting in impulsive actions that can severely injure or even kill the people the attackers otherwise love. Beyond the physical pain, the emotional and psychological damage is often irreparable.


The USA's war on drugs is as severe as it gets for a condition that gets worse every year. Cocaine, heroin, LSD, steriods, meth and krokodil, are deadly to those who are addicted and abuse the illegal use of these drugs. The authorities cannot keep up with the importing, possession and use of these substances.

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We've all heard the term "sex sells," and it certainly a solid way for women to make money if they don't mind being beaten, used and abused. With brothels and escort services, prostitution is at an all time high, breaking up marriages, spreading disease, and leading underage women down a hole from which they cannot escape.


Rape is right up there with murder when it comes to being the most heinous, and he most common, of crimes. In fact, raper are often treated the worst by other inmates in prison, especially those who attack children. Over one hundred thousand people are raped every year in this country.


8.Underage Drinking

Underage drinking is becoming an epidemic in this country, and the age at which youngsters are drinking is dropping to an all time low. Regulations on drinking are not strictly enforced at bars and liquor stores, where teens are able to get fake ID's or not be carded at all.

9.Motor Vehicle Theft

Over two hundred thousand cases of stolen cars have been reported in one year. Even with fancy alarm systems, burglars are not deterred. It seems the act can be so quick and calculated that they are gone before anyone even thinks to report an ongoing alarm. Stolen for parts and profit, this is a common crime in this country.



The worse crime a person can commit is murder. Taking away someone's life has not only criminal consequences, but psychology comes into play. The crime of homicide is rampant in the United States, with mass shooters mimicking each other, resulting from violent video games which actually give shooters target practice in their home home.


Burglary is a top crime committed, usually, out of desperation. With unemployment at an all time high, many people are doing things they might otherwise never consider. Robbing a residence or business seems like a good idea, but with technology today it is becoming harder and harder to get away with.



Fraud is one of the most common crimes in the USA because it seems to be the easiest to pull off. Fraud occurs when people are falsely drawn into a situation where they are deceived into giving money to future gain that never comes. Property, stocks, and copyrights are the most vulnerable commodities.


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