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Most Dreadful Makeups

Tuesday, May 26, 2020, 7:25 pm

1.The original scary one

This is obviously from The Exorcist and you have to say that the makeup did indeed add to the general feeling that you had about the movie. It was scary and it required the makeup to be along those same lines and boy did they manage it.

2.Face hanging off

Well this is pretty gruesome since it shows him with half of his face virtually hanging off and do not think that it meant the makeup artist had half a day off since it is only the left side that is affected. Instead, this thing would take hours to do.

3.Forget the green light

With this you need to forget the green light and just appreciate the work that has gone into its creation. They have really spent a lot of time transforming him into a character that you would fear and surely you would be scared of him?


Well that is a major change considering he loses his skin with the makeup. That is one heck of a skill to have if you can completely remove his skin and then put it back on again at the end of the day.

5.Color makes a difference

What you see here is that the use of color to add effect is something that really can make a huge difference. Sure you also need to add bits on to change the shape of the face, but in this instance it is color that helps make something very scary.


6.Scary eyes

This really does show some scary eyes, but of course the mouth has to also be changed or it would not make it as scary. At least they kept her hair the same.

7.Keep that away!!

This is one of those moments where you feel as if the character on the right really should be kept away from you as it will only scare the life out of you. However, you need to applaud the makeup artists as their work is just fantastic.


8.Well that is different

At one point you know that it is still her under the makeup, but they have done such a good job elsewhere on her face that with other areas she is unrecognizable. They have just perfected the art of making scars look so real.

9.Beetlejuice is scary

This is how one of the main characters in Beetlejuice was transformed when they had died and had to be made to look a bit scarier. You have to admit that they managed to do that quite easily, but then that is due to the skill of the makeup artist.


10.Nice eyes

We maybe do not have to mention the mouth because it just seems to be common place to change the mouth when doing this kind of makeup. However, the eyes help to add so much to it because they are freaky even though they are just showing nothing at all.

11.Sigourney Weaver

Yep this is how Sigourney Weaver has been transformed by makeup for this movie and boy is she different. Maybe only the hat is the same because the rest of her is unrecognizable.


12.Well that is different

What you have to say here is that it is one major change in the way she looks and it is all thanks to the makeup artist. There is zero chance of you identifying her and maybe that is a good thing and shows that they know what they are doing.


Beetlejuice was a cool movie and Michael Keaton was excellent in it, but you have to say that the makeup artists managed to make him look scary without being too over the top. It just shows that at times subtle can just be so effective.


This is a bizarre example of makeup because it has been rather subtle in parts, but in other areas they have really gone mad. The eyes are freaky and, yet again, they have done something to the mouth.

15.Just wow

This is another example of makeup where you just have to sit there and think wow how did they do that? There is so much going on here that it is difficult to really see how they can do it in the first place because there is no chance whatsoever that you would recognize her.

16.What a mouth

From sweet and cute on the left to a monster with long hair and a massive mouth on the right, can you see the transformation? Yet again there is a fascination with the mouth area and boy have they gone over the top with this one.

17.Daryl Hannah

Well this shows you that makeup artists can make a huge difference even to the biggest stars since this shows Daryl Hannah being transformed. The makeup artists really do have to change absolutely everything at times and boy have they managed to do that here.

18.Totally freakish

How on earth does a makeup artist turn the gorgeous woman on the right into the scary thing on the left? It really is a work of art and how long does that kind of thing take?

19.Freaky makeup

Well could you ever guess that the woman in the top left corner is the one under the mask in the other photographs? OK so that shows that the makeup artist has done their job, but boy is it scary.

20.Keep it away from kids!!

Well that is what you call a transformation because she has gone from a blonde bombshell to something from a nightmare. The makeup artist here has been working hard for their money by the looks of things.

21.Did they take off her hair?

Did they really just take her hair off and stick some contact lenses in here? It seems like a lazy makeup artist at this point or maybe the movie was on a very tight budget?

22.Over the top?

Has this makeup been overdone by any chance? What is it with the mouth that they have had to make it look so big? How could the actress even breathe under all of this?

23.This is scary

Well this is certainly a very scary transformation, but at the same time the end result is pretty bad. However, could you do any better yourself?

24.A lot of work

In this instance it looks as if the makeup artist got bored half way through and only did down to around her nose. That would explain why the rest of her remains untouched.


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