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15 Most Expensive Diamonds In The World

Sunday, Aug 30, 2020, 11:46 am

Diamond is the hardest naturally occurring substance on Earth. They are so hard that only another diamond can cut them. Diamonds are nothing but a form of carbon. They are precious, and they are often used in expensive jewelry. Because of their hardness, diamonds are also used in many high-performance industrial cutters and drills. Check these fifteen most expensive diamonds in the world. 

#10 Wittelsbach

This blue diamond is valued at over $16 million and it is a rather impressive example to look at. This diamond is 40mm in diameter and it has 35 carats, but it is the cut, the flawless nature of it, and the color that really does mark this out as being something rather special. It is part of the Austrian crown jewels, so if royalty wanted it, then you know it has to be something good.

Wittelsbach-15 Most Expensive Diamonds In The World



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