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Most Expensive Dogs In The World

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 2:51 pm

1.Pembroke Welsh Corgi

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi originates from Pembrokeshire, Wales. This adorable dog also happens to be a favorite of Queen Elizabeth II, who has owned more than 25 during her reign. In 2011, The Pembroke Welsh Corgi was ranked as the 25th most popular dog. A Pembroke Welsh Corgi can cost up to $1,500 USD.

2.Dogue de Bordeaux aka French Mastiff

The Dogue de Bordeaux is also referred to as the Bordeaux Mastiff or French Mastiff.This breed typically stands over 24 inches tall and weighs more than 100 pounds. French Mastiffs are very strong dogs. Aside from being loyal companions, they have been used to pull carts, and guard property. This is the same breed of dog that starred opposite Tom Hanks in the movie, Turner & Hooch. A French Mastiff puppy is priced at $750 to $1,000.

3.Bearded Collie

One of Britain's' oldest breeds, The Bearded Collie, also called Beardies, is one of Britain's oldest breeds. They originate from the Komondor in Central Europe. Bearded Collies weigh 40-60 pounds on average. This popular family pup can run you as little as $1,000 to as much as $5,000 USD.

4.The L�wchen

L�wchen is also referred to as"Little Lion Dog." The American Kennel Club (AKC) refers to L�wchen as a toy dog. The L�wchen has one of the lowest registrations among dog breeds and its price could have something to do with it. A L�wchen costs between $5,000 to $8,000 USD. L�wchens date back to as early as 1442.

5.Irish Wolfhound ($1,500 to $2,000)

The Irish Wolfhound bears a resemblance to a wolf, but it actuallygets its name from its purpose, which is wolf hunting with dogs. The minimum height for adult males is 32 inches, and for females its 30 inches, making it the tallest dog breed. An Irish Wolfhound puppy can cost anywhere from $1,500 and $2,000 USD.

6.Saluki ($2,500)

The Saluki has better legs than Tina Turner. Saluki, also known as the Royal Dog of Egypt, is one of the oldest house-trained dogs around. This breed normally weighs as much as 60 pounds and they can live anywhere between 12 to 14 years. A Saluki puppy costs about $2,500 USD.

7.Pharaoh Hound

Pharaoh Hounds bear a striking resemblance to the dogs that have been etched on tombs, pyramids and the like for centuries. This breed is medium-size and is just as graceful as it appears. The Pharaoh Hound is the national hound of the Mediterranean nation of Malta. Maltese men often use these dogs for hunting. Life expectancy of this breed is about 12 to 14 years. The Pharaoh Hound costs around $5,000 to $6,500 USD.



The Akita is a statue on four legs. This breed originates from the northern regions of Japan. There are two varieties of Akita - a Japanese strain, known as the "Akita Inu" and an American strain known as the "American Akita." Akitas are prone to many autoimmune diseases. The Akita is priced at $1,500, but it could cost as much as $4,500 USD.

9.Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiffs is so fluffy that you just want to pet them for hours. The Tibetan Mastiff is an ancient breed devising with nomadic cultures of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and TheLadakh region in Jammu and Kashmir,Tibet and Central Asia. Unlike most large breeds, the Tibetan Mastiff has a long life expectancy, which can range between 10-14 years. This breed costs between $2,200 - $7,000 USD.



Rottweilershave gotten a bad rep over the past few years, but they are a very loving breed of dog. Rottweilers are relatively disease-free, but some do tend to have hip dysplasia. Though a domestic dog, Rottweilers were once known as "Rottweil butchers' dogs" because they were used to herd livestock and pull carts loaded with butchered meat to markets. This breed can cost anywhere from $2,000 - $8,000 USD. The average lifespan of a Rottweiler is 9 to 10 years.

11.Chow Chow

This may look like a white bear, but it's actually a dog known as Chow Chow. This breed is originally from China, where it is called Songshi Quan, which means "puffy-lion dog." Purchasing a Chow Chow can be a huge risk. This breed can suffer from gastric cancer, glaucoma, juvenile cataracts, diabetes mellitus, and canine pemphigus, just to name a few. Chow Chows go for anywhere between $3,000 - $8,500 USD.


12.English Bulldog

The Bulldog, also called the English Bulldog, isn't the most pleasant breed to look at, but they're loyal to a fault. Most people don't realize that there are several different Bulldog breeds. This particular breed can cost anywhere from $2,500 to $9,000 USD. Bulldogs live for about 8-12 years


This white beauty is called a Samoyed. The dog gets its interesting name from the Samoyedic peoples of Siberia. The Samoyedbreed doesn't just lie around eating dog treats. These fluffy white dogs are used to help pull sleds when they moved. Currently these dogs go for around $4,000 to $11,000 USD.

14.Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Though small in stature, purchasing a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel will have you in the poor house. This toy dog is one of the most popular breeds in the United Kingdom. Over the past 10 years, this breed has slowly gained popularity in the U.S. The price of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel ranges from $1,000 to $14,000 USD.

15.German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is a lovable dog with an insane price tag. This breed is on the large side and gets its name from where originated; Germany. The first German Shepherd was spotted back in 1899. Dog lovers can purchase their very own German Shepherd for a minimum of $3,000. This breed can go for as much as $24,000 USD.


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