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Most Expensive Hospitals In The World

Tuesday, Aug 10, 2021, 9:10 am

1.Meadowlands Hospital Medical Center- Seacaucus, New Jersey

Meadowlands Hospital Medical Center is a 230 bed facility located between the Hackensack River and New York City. With high tech services and caring, dedicated staff members, the physicians are highly skilled giving the utmost medical care to their patients. One of the most expensive hospitals in the world, but the most loved by many.

2.North Okaloosa Medical Center - Crestview, Florida

North Okaloosa Medical Center provides medical care to North Okaloosa residents. With over one hundred and fifty doctors and over six hundred staff members, patients are well taken care of. The one hundred and ten bed facility may be costly, but they provide excellent medical service and receive a high patient satisfaction rating.

3.Gadsden Regional Medical Center - Gadsden, Alabama

Gadsden Regional Medical Center serves Northeast Alabama and has been doing so for over one hundred years. With over 346 bed, the nine story medical center employs over 200 staff members in their nine story building. Making the list of one of the most expensive hospitals in the world, doesn't deter patients from seeking medical attention at this high care facility.

4.Brooksville Regional Hospital - Brooksville, Florida

Named as one of the nation's Top Performers on key Quality Measures by The Joint Commission, Brooksville Regional Hospital ranks as one of the most expensive hospitals in the world. Employing over 275 doctors, 500 associates and over 150 volunteers they offer and extensive surgery program., with a high patient satisfaction rating.

5.Bayonne Medical Center - Bayonne, New Jersey

Just eleven miles from Manhattan, the Bayonne Medical Center in New Jersey is very costly. Topping the CMM Lists with medical procedures costing over four times the national average. With 173 beds, it does rank high is patient satisfaction, but that does come with a price. Reputable, highly staffed and with a great track record, it's one of the main hospitals for New Jersey and New York City.

6.Paul B. Hall Regional Medical Center - Paintsville, Kentucky

Paul B. Hall Regional Medical Center is located in Paintsville, Kentucky. A seven or more generation hospital that began in 1920, the PBHRMC is a 72 bed primary care facility that serves five countries. The current hospital opened in 1983, and was expanded in 1994. Following the medical legacy left behind by Dr. Paul B. Hall who was the first doctor in the Kentucky to inject a patient with penicillin.

7.Heart Of Florida Regional Medical Center - Davenport, Florida

This 200 bed hospital is an acute care facility with over 200 physicians. Hey that's one physician per bed. With a doctor to patient ratio like that, it's no wonder they are so expensive. But some people prefer that kind of service and will pay any price for their health.


8.Orange Park Medical Center - Orange Park, Florida

Orange Park Medical Center in Orange Park Florida is another hospital that is part of 165 hospitals in the Hospital Corporation of America. Dedicated to better and healthier living, this hospital makes the list of most expensive hospitals in the world. Their services are unmatched and they serve the southern Florida area.

9.Oak Hill Hospital - Spring Hill, Florida

Owned by Hospital Corporation of America, the first hospital company, founded in 1968. Oak Hill Hospital is part of 165 hospitals offering outstanding service as measured and controlled by the corporation. Listed one of the most expensive hospitals, they are located in Spring Hill, Florida. Dedicated to human life and high quality living, this hospital provides outstanding services.


10.Chestnut Hill Hospital - Philadelphia, PA

The 135 bed facility treats patients on an outpatient basis as well as inpatient. Their services include laparoscopic surgery, robotic-assisted surgery, gynecology, cardiology, oncology, orthopedics, and primary care. Employing over three hundred doctors and healthcare professionals, they are another price hospital that is worth the cost.

11.Smilow Cancer Hospital - New Haven

As the name says, the Smillow Cancer Hospital in New Haven specializes in treating cancer patients. The building itself cost $467 million to build, and is considered one of the most expensive hospitals in the world. When it comes to this deadly disease, patients are willing to pay for good care.


12.Good Samaritan Hospital - Pulyallup, Washington

This multicare facility is a birthing center, therapy unit and rehabilitation center, along with emergency care and inpatient accommodations. This hospital is pricey but rated very highly for its care, expertise and dedication. Patient satisfaction is high as is employee morale. To be a good hospital, the care has to outweigh the costs.


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