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Most Favorite Pizza Toppings

Thursday, Jul 7, 2022, 9:04 am


Pineapple on pizza is a Hawaiian favorite. It goes well with ham to make the typical Hawaiian pizza, but you can pair with most anything you like. That's the beauty of pizza. You create it the way you like it and anything goes. Order whatever you like and dig in, but be careful that the first bite is not too hot.


Ham is not just for sandwiches and holidays, it makes a great pizza topping. Meat lovers make this a favorite as diced ham covers the cheese, for a succulent and salty flavor to tempt the taste buds. Some like to mix it with onions and peppers, or any other vegetable of choice.

3.Black Olives

An olive pizza is an olive lovers dream. Add some onion or peppers, or both, and you've got yourself one tasty pizza. A great pizza for vegetarians, and also for meat lovers, olives adds a salty taste that blends well with the sauce and cheese, for a taste sensation to remember.


Eggplant is a delicious topping that can either be added as friend or grilled. Of course, the grilled version is a healthier alternative, but for the amount of eggplant on a pizza, it's okay once and a while to do the fried version. A tasty zip and some crunch is delightful on a pizza.


Spinach is a great pizza topping for vegetarians and meat lovers alike. It adds a punch of iron and a boost of vegetable nutrients with every bite. Mix it with onions and mushrooms, and you've got a tasty and healthy pizza, or mix it with sausage for an equally delicious pizza.


A bacon lovers dream is a pizza with bacon on top. Bacon has become very popular lately, popping up in ice cream. You have to be careful with this one because bacon is packed with fat and nitrites, but it does add a punch of flavor once in a while.

7.Green Peppers

Green peppers add just the right amount of snap to any pizza. Great when paired with onions, or sausages, they are also used as part of an all veggie pizza. Peppers add a health benefit to your pizza by giving you a serving of vegetables, making your pizza a somewhat healthy fast food


8.Extra Cheese

Pizza is all about the cheese for some people, and ordering with extra cheese gives them that ooey gooey flavorful texture that they love. The salty cheese mixes with the sauce, forming a wonderful orange sheen on the pizza that drips down your hand, and you love it, don't you?


A favorite pizza topping among vegetarians, mushrooms add a zest of flavor to pizza. Even meat lovers like to add mushrooms to their pizza. Used as a stand alone topping, it also mixes well with other toppings such as sausage, onions, spinach or olives. Adding a vegetable to your pizza adds some nutritional value to your meal.



Onions are a popular pizza topping, usually mixed with other toppings, but is also great as a stand alone topping. The onions add a little crisp burst of flavor to an otherwise plain pizza, and gives it the pizzazz most pizza lovers want. You can even ask for extra onions.


Sausage is another meat eaters favorite for a pizza topping. Crumbled into the cheese the spices mix with the sauce giving it the ultimate in flavor. The fennel in the sausage is a great compliment to the cheese and brings out the flavor in any pizza. Sausage lovers make this their favorite pizza.



Pepperoni ranks number one as far as toppings go on pizza. There's something about the crispiness of the pepperoni that curls up as it cooks, and the little pools of oil that seep into the cheese, turning it orange, that is just irresistible. Pepperoni loves can't wait to sink their teeth into this meaty pizza.


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