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Most Ridiculous Lawsuits

Friday, Jul 8, 2022, 1:22 pm

1.Vinicios Robacher Versus Danbury High School

Seems sixteen year olds will do anything to get out of class. when Vinicios Robacher was found sleeping in math class, his teacher, Melissa Nadeau, slammed her palm onto his desk to wake him. The boy's parents sued the Danbury High School in Connecticut for their child receiving severe injuries to his left eardrum. The case was dismissed.

2.Anna Ayala Versus Wendys

When Anna Ayala found a fingertip in her bowl of chili at a Wendy's in San Jose, California, she sued. The resulting law suit cost Wendy's $21 million dollars in lost business due to publicity, but suspicion arose when there was no evidence of a lost fingertip in the chain. Ayala was arrested on extortion and served four years in jail.

3.Roy L. Pearson Versus Dry Cleaners

When Roy L. Pearson took his suit to the cleaners, in preparation for his first day on the job as an administrative judge, he was distraught when the suit was lost. He demanded $1,150 so he could buy a new suit, and the Chungs, who owned the Cleaners, offered him more than double that for his trouble. Going back and forth, the amount he would accept kept doubling until he settled two years later for $67 million dollars.

4.Allen Heckard Versus Michael Jordan

Allen Heckard was mistekn for Michael Jordan for fifteen years, almost every single day. Annoyed, he sued the NBA star and Nike cofounder, Phil Knight, for $832 million dollars for pain and suffering. He soon dropped the case, realizing how ridiculous he was. How could anyone be responsible for his similar appearance to anyone?

5.Robert Lee Brock Versus State

Robert Lee Brock may have lost his mind behind bars, when he sued himself for violating his own civil rights. According to him, he committed his crimes of breaking and entering, and grand larceny, while under the influence of alcohol, which is prohibited by his religion beliefs. He sued for $5 million dollars from himself, but then demanded that it was the responsibility of the state to pay it because he was a warden of the state. His case was dismissed.

6.Chelsea Hess Versus Sports Grill

Chelsea Hess knew she was underage when she ordered alcohol at a sports grill in Bluffton, South Carolina. At twenty years old, she was below the legal drinking age, but was still served. Driving home at 1am, she lost control of her car and rolled off the road, being thrown twenty feet because she was not wearing her seatbelt. Becoming a paraplegic, she sued the sports grill for not checking her ID and refusing to serve her. She also sued the city for a defect in the road shoulder.

7.Stella Liebeck Versus McDonalds

Stella Liebeck spilled some coffee onto her lap at McDonalds. She was driving at the time, and the coffee spill caused third degree burns on her inner and outer thighs, covering six percent of her body. She sued McDonald's, claiming the coffee was too hot, at about 190 degrees, when a typical coffee is at most, 140 degrees. She won $640,000 for her case.


8.Jeffrey Kline And Brett Birdwell Injured While Trespassing Amtrak

Two teens, Jeffrey Kline and Brett Birdwell were skateboarding and illegally entered Amtrak property. Climbing on top of one of the trains, Klein was hit by 12,500 volts of electricity, burning over seventy five percent of his body. Birdwell burned over twelve percent of his body when he attempted to rescue his friend. Both boys sued Amtrak and won, even though they were trespassing on private property, winning $24.2 million dollars between them.

9.Megan Thode Versus Teacher

When Megan Thode received a C+ grade she realized that she would not be able to attain her degree to become a licensed therapist. Calculating that this would result in her losing a potential $1.3 million dollars in earnings, she sued the Pennsylvania school, with her case being heard in the Northampton county Court.


10.Trina Thompson Versus Monroe College

Trina Thompson found herself unemployed after attending Monroe College and getting her degree. The twenty seven year old sued the college for $72,000 when she was unable to secure a job after three months of searching, following graduation, even though she only maintained a 2.7 grade point average. She claimed job search stress and unemployment as the basis for her case.

11.Richard Overton Versus Anheuser Busch

Richard Overton indulged in beer after beer to lure women, believing that the Budweiser ads were telling him that this was the way to attract beautiful Ladies. When it didn't work, Overton sued Anheuser Busch for emotional distress and mental injury, not to mention the financial loss for spending so much money on the drinks. His case was dismissed.


12.Kathy Kelly - Soapy Lawsuit

When someone dumped detergent into Canal Park's Fountain Of Wind, Kathy Kelly turned an accident into an opportunity. When the woman slipped in the suds, lacerating her left shin, she became infected due to diabetes. Incurring medical expenses of $43,000, Kelly sued the city for not cleaning up the suds and she was awarded $125,000 in damages.


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