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Most Unusual Places For A Bird's Nest

Saturday, Jul 9, 2022, 4:51 pm

1.On Trash

A next on a pile of garbage bags? Why not? Birds will nest anywhere and everywhere as long as there are not a lot of people around. Since no one really wants to hang around the dump, it seems a likely place for a bird to build it's home, but we all know those bags won't be there forever.

2.On a Wreath On Front Door

Reminiscent of Christmas trees of years gone by, when trees were outside and birds nested in them, this nest is built in a wreath hanging on a front door. People entering will get a cute little surprise, or a mother bird flying into their face, thinking that the visitor is going after her eggs.

3.On A Windshield Wiper

A little nest for one tiny bird, sitting on a windshield wiper. You would be surprised how quickly a bird can build a nest. Maybe this car owner hadn't used his car for a couple of days, and that's all it takes. Hopefully the owner won't turn on his wipers and fling the birdie, nest and all into oncoming traffic.

4.On A Telephone Pole

That is one gigantic nest, and looks to be home to many, many birds. It's such an intricate structure and odd how it manages to hang there without falling. When you think about how a nest is made, without nails, glue, or anything to hold it together, this nest is pretty amazing.

5.In A Light Fixture

It appears these little birdies are waiting for their morning worms as they sit in a next made in a light fixture. Maybe when the light is turned on, they think it's sunshine and that's what means morning for them, but their mother better hurry up, they sure look hungry.

6.In A Barbecue Grill

Well obviously this barbecue grill has not been used for a while, at least long enough for this elaborate nest to be built. Hopefully the owner of the grill will open the lid before turning it on, or it's burned hay and twigs for dinner, along with some possible eggs and bird carcass.

7.In A Car Engine

How long has this car not been started? It seems like long enough for a bird to make a comfy nest and deposit her pretty blue eggs. We must hope that this car is forever out of commission, or at least that they look under the hood before starting it up.


8.In Dragon Statue

Actually not a bad place to nest. It seems protected from the elements and a dragon is pretty fierce. Maybe predators will think it's real and stay away from the mouth of the mighty dragon. A funny looking picture, as it seems the dragon as eaten the nest, and is about to swallow.

9.On A Gas Tank

This nest is in a pretty scary place. The bird seems unaware that her nest is sitting on top of a highly explosive gas tank. To her it's home, until all her hard work is blown sky high. Let's hope that never happens, at least until her eggs hatch and her little birdies have flown the coop.


10.On A Cactus

Now this one is a little tricky. If the bird is a little off in their landing, they might get a piercing surprise. Land on one of those cactus needs and yowee, that's got to hurt, but that didn't stop this bird from building a nest in the arm of this cactus plant. Seems safe from climbing predators, that's for sure.

11.In A Street Cone

Birds love to nest in cozy places. It looks like this bird is building a next inside of a street cone. He, or she, found this place to be safe enough for their little bird offspring, little do they know that the cone could be toppled over in an instant. Judging by the marks on the cone, it would't be the first time.


12.On A Streetlight

It seems birds will nest anywhere, especially if it offers warmth. This next was built on top of a street light, probably because of the heat generated by the lights, but the little birdies can't be getting much rest, when every few minutes the red light blares down upon them. No wonder their eyes are wide open.


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