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Most Clever Safes To Protect Your Money

Monday, Jun 29, 2020, 3:27 pm

1.Everyday items

What this shows is you can have cushions, shoes, coat hangers, and even picture frames that also double up as a safe for your money, so the options really are endless. All it needs is some inspiration and your valuables can be safe and sound.

2.Adaptor bar

If this was just lying around you would not even take a second look at it, but then that is the clever part of this small safe. Your money can sit there and nobody will ever be aware of it giving you complete peace of mind.

3.Feeling thirsty?

Everybody loves Coca Cola, but you will love it even more when you use a can as a small safe. Of course the problem here is that if you only have one can and somebody is in your house and they are thirsty, then you might lose it, so do think twice about this.

4.Money bolt

Whoever sat and thought about converting a bolt into a small safe is certainly more intelligent than the average person. They have managed to take something so boring and mundane and make it more useful than you would expect it to be and there is no chance that anybody would guess what actually lay inside.

5.Expensive tanning

This is something that is perfect for both at home as well as on the beach because it just looks like your run of the mill sun lotion bottle. However, as you can see there is something different about this bottle because it also has nothing in it apart from space for your money and belongings.

6.A clever hairbrush

This is such a clever idea because it does function as a hair brush, but at the same time it is also a safe and that is just brilliant. You can have it sitting there in your bedroom in plain sight and nobody would think about it unless they were planning on stealing hair equipment?

7.Nice book

If you have a number of books, then this is going to be the ideal small safe for you. Of course you will know the book that has more than just words in it, but nobody in their right mind will check every single one in the hope that it turns out to be a safe.


8.Not an air vent

When the front cover is up you would think that this was just a normal air vent, but of course it is a false one and it is actually a small safe. This shows how they can blend in with everyday objects in the house and who would go and check all of the air vents out anyway?

9.Watch that clock

On the face of it this is going to be just a normal clock, but look more closely and you see that the clock is deeper than it should be. The reason is that it is also a hidden safe and how cool is that going to be for the sake of keeping your valuables safe?


10.Hidden buckle

If you are looking for a secure safe for your credit cards, then surely keeping them on you and in your belt buckle is as safe as it can get? Nobody is going to think about looking there, so you will end up never losing them.

11.Your belt

This is certainly a different take on the money belt idea because this time the money is hidden inside a normal looking belt rather than being more on display with the other version. You have to admit that this is such a clever idea and it is quite a good looking belt as well.



Well at first glance this looks like a normal can of food, but of course the inside is empty and it is perfect for you to store away some of your money. This is going to be difficult for people to find because who would think about going through your food?


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