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Most Dangerous Websites

Saturday, Aug 22, 2020, 7:46 am

1.Sites with Adobe reader

The problem with sites that use Adobe reader is that you need to have the latest version installed to lower the chances of you being hacked due to people exploiting holes in previous versions. If you do not keep files up to date, then you are going to have all kinds of problems with your computer, so do not ignore them and just do it.

2.Hacked sites

How do you know if a site is hacked? This is clearly very difficult, but you need to look at things such as whether or not there is that padlock in the top corner as an indication that it is secure. It is very important that when you are using your credit card online that you are 100% sure of the site, so check and double check or that could be one very expensive purchase.

3.Antivirus sites

This is a worry because if you need to be concerned about clicking on antivirus websites, then who can you actually trust? The problem here is not the site itself, but how you apparently get to it and the best piece of advice is to only click on official links and not secondary websites as that may lead to a fake site that you then use to download malware.


Facebook itself can be dangerous in a couple of ways. First, you can put too much information on there leaving yourself exposed, but at the same time you need to be very careful when it comes to the apps that you download. Some of them have been exploited by criminals and it will cause mayhem with your computer, so only download something you know about in order to be safe.

5.Ad supported websites

OK this one is impossible to avoid because of the number of websites that need adverts in order to actually operate. At one point a couple of years ago scammers even had an advert on the New York Times website, so it just shows that you need to be careful no matter where you are or what you click on.

6.Sites with PDF's

You may think that this document is safe, but in 2009 almost half of the malicious attacks on the web came from people exploiting a PDF. This is clearly a huge problem, so do be careful what you click on in order to lower your chances of being attacked.

7.Search engines

This one may scare you, but your search engine could be a problem all on its own. The main thing that you have to do is to be sure about the result you are clicking on because a study showed that up to 20% of links could have malicious code in there, so do not go crazy and click on everything.


8.Video download sites

If you want to watch video online, then do yourself a favor and stick to the two big ones, YouTube or Vimeo. Smaller sites, or those that are classed as peer to peer sites, can easily be exploited and things put onto your computer, so you need to consider an alternative method of watching video online in order to be safe and secure.

9.Your own email provider

By logging into your email provider you are putting yourself at risk of all kinds of things. People will often pick up viruses by opening attachments to emails even though some come from people that they know. This is what virus makers rely on because you click that link, then wait to see the virus replicate itself and send to your address book.



While Twitter itself is not dangerous, the part that should worry you is when you click on those shortened links that appear on there. The reason why this should worry you is because it could easily contain a piece of software that will install on your computer and give you a virus, so be very wary about clicking those links.

11.Sites That Use Flash

This may sound strange, but if a site uses flash, or requires you to have it installed on your computer, then there is a slight risk of you picking up some nasty virus. This is because a number of people have managed to hijack the code for Adobe Flash recently, so you download it to get something to work and they can get control of your computer. 

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12.Torrent sites

These are dangerous simply because you are downloading files from people you do not know and you just have to hope that they are not full of malware or any other nasty things. The problem here is that a number of the files are infected and not even the person that uploaded them is even aware of this fact, so do have your anti-virus settings high to play it safe.


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