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Most Expensive Desserts To Eat

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2020, 4:03 pm


Would you believe it if somebody told you that a brownie could cost you $1000? Probably not, but the person telling you about it would actually be telling the truth because the restaurant at the Tropicana Resort in Atlantic City does indeed sell this brownie for that price. OK the price is actually boosted by the alcohol sitting there as it is a rare and fine port, but you still get the brownie with it.


The guy in the photograph is the chef that has created the most expensive Cannoli in the world with a price tag of $26,000. The actual dessert is fantastic with some amazing ingredients, but with it you get a diamond necklace and it is the jewelry that really does mark this dessert out as being different from other similar ones that you may try. However, even without the necklace it still looks good enough to eat.

3.Golden Opulence

This is a rather special sundae and not just because it will cost you $1000 to eat it. Instead, it is special as it comes with the best vanilla ice cream in the world, five scoops of it in actual fact, followed by the most expensive cocoa, rare chocolate, and other ingredients that simply cannot be beaten. Put all of this together and you ultimately end up with a price tag of $1000.

4.Chocolate Pudding

This dessert looks cool and with it costing you $34,000 it also comes with a cool price tag to match. Yes it is a chocolate pudding and yes it does have some of the finest ingredients available, but ultimately it is all about that 2 carat diamond on the top of the pudding. This alone sets it out as being something a bit special, but you have to say that the presentation is pretty good as well.

5.Africa cake

This cake in the shape of Africa was actually created in Japan in 2006, but even then it had a price tag of $5 million. Why was it so expensive? Simply because of those glittery parts at the bottom as that glitter is actually 2000 diamonds. The rest of the cake is nothing special as it is simply a chocolate cake, but even though this could be eaten it really was mostly for show.

6.Three Twins

This image really does tell you everything that you need to know about the Three Twins Mount Kilimanjaro sundae and why it is one of the most expensive desserts in the world. OK it does involve you doing a bit of work in order to get the dessert, but it is certainly a different way of eating it and you get a t-shirt as well.

7.Haute Couture Macaroons

This dessert does not appear to be anything special at first, but it does come with a price tag of $7500, so clearly there is something that we are not quite seeing. The key here is that the customer is able to choose any ingredient that they want in their dessert with people selecting expensive mushrooms, the finest red wine, anise and all of this pushes the price up to those kinds of levels.


8.Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence

Perhaps at first this dessert does not appear to be that inspiring, but it does cost $14,500, so we need to look at the reasons as to why this is the case. This is a cake that comes with fruit and cheese, but it is decorated in gold leaf and the crowning glory is an 80 carat aquamarine sitting on top of it. While the cake is nothing special at least the decoration is rather good.

9.Frozen Haute chocolate

Does this dessert look like it would cost you $25,000? If not then there is a slight problem because that is how much money you have to spend in order to own it. With this dessert you get 28 different types of cocoa, 5 grams of gold that is entirely edible, the base also has a gold bracelet that is covered in diamonds, and even the spoon is in gold and diamonds as well.


10.Platinum cake

This dessert is relatively cheap compared to others as it only costs $130,000, but as you can see it is rather elaborate. All of the silver pieces that you see here are made from platinum, so while the cake itself is a nice cake it is all of this decoration that really does push the price up. The question is whether or not you would go ahead and even eat it? Frozen Haute chocolate

11.Arnaud strawberries

You might wonder as to what is so good about strawberries? Well these ones are different because you do not only get them covered in wine that costs just under $25,000, but it also comes with 4.7 carat pink diamond on the top, white diamonds, and an 18 karat piece of gold in the shape of a rose. The price to you is a cool $1.3 million.


12.Diamond Xmas cake

With a price tag of over $1.5 million this has to be the most expensive dessert in the world by a considerable amount. It is a very special Christmas cake and this one is laden with 223 diamonds and clearly it is this that is boosting the price. The cake itself took a month to make and you can guarantee that there will be very few of them ever made.


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