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Most Fascinating Natural Phenomena

Friday, Jul 15, 2022, 12:13 pm

1.Milky Way

This has to be the most spectacular and fascinating natural phenomena that we could ever hope to see, but sadly it is not seen as often as you would have imagined. You should really look out for a band of stars going across the sky at night, but you must make sure that there is no light pollution in order to see it correctly.

2.Horsetail Fall

This is just a waterfall that exists in Yosemite Park, but it is a waterfall that only happens in the winter and through to spring. The coolest time to see it is at the end of February because that is the moment where sunlight hits the water at the correct angle apparently then turning it into fire and you would be forgiven for thinking that lava was falling instead.

3.Glowing waves

How cool is this natural phenomenon? Nature has this way of just amazing us and this is certainly no different. What you have here is a build up of a certain type of bioluminescent phytoplankton and they basically activate this light when they are under stress. The problem for them is that even a wave is classed as stress, so that leads to these glowing waves.

4.Fire whirl

These are basically fire tornadoes and they are pretty spectacular to look at unless you are caught in one at which point it becomes rather scary. What happens here is that heat and strong winds that make these swirls and the inside of them brings up gases and burning debris. The middle of them are actually seen as being fires and they can actually end up being 1000ft tall.

5.Naga fireballs

If you are ever on the Mekong river in Thailand keep an eye out for this strange phenomena. What you will observe are small pink balls just on the surface of the water where they will hover for a short period of time. They will then shoot up into the sky before vanishing and there can be thousands of these little orbs every single night.

6.Catatumbo lightning

This is in Venezuela and it is on the Catatumbo river and this picture is a very common occurrence. For some reason, this part of the world sees lightning on this scale for over 200 nights every single year. Some scientists think that it is linked to higher levels of methane gas nearby as well as oil, but no matter the reason you have to admit that it does look pretty spectacular.

7.Sea foam

The sea is very powerful, but did you know that it can actually produce foam? This strange phenomena occurs when there is so much energy in the water mixed in with a higher concentration of what could be classed as organic matter and when all of this is churned up you get foam. It is worth noting that it is harmless to us humans.


8.Bioluminescent mushrooms

Well this is certainly a strange natural phenomenon to look at because how is it possible for mushrooms to basically glow in the dark? In actual fact these mushrooms use this light show in order to attract insects to them as that will then allow them to spread over a larger area as the insects pick up pores. They are certainly very clever mushrooms.

9.Snow rollers

This is actually as simple as it sounds because it is basically snow that has rolled down the hill, but has managed to produce a cylindrical shape rather than a giant snowball. The inside of it is also often hollow because the pressure and weight of the outer layers is too great for it and the weaker layers break.


10.Ice circles

You have to admit that this does look pretty strange, but at the same time there is something quite relaxing about these ice circles. The key here is that they are only in slow moving water and they get this shape due to slowly rotating. You will tend to find that they are quite small although there have been reports of some that were 4m in diameter.

11.Ball lightning

This is seriously cool, but at the same time very scary to witness as it just shows you what mother nature is capable of doing. They are never that big in size, as they are generally between two and ten inches in diameter, but they are still great to see even if you have to be in a thunderstorm to catch them on camera.


12.Underwater crop circles

Well we have all heard of crop circles, but very few have ever heard about them happening under the water. They look seriously strange, but in actual fact there is a perfectly normal explanation for them because it is made by a particular type of fish, but just how artistic is it?

13.Etruscan vase moon

This is very strange, but absolutely fascinating and it is all about the way that the moon is perceived due to light in different parts of the world. The light is refracted depending on certain gases and as you can see in this image it even appears to have a foot rim on the vase.


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