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Most Racist Countries In The World

Wednesday, Jul 6, 2022, 12:45 pm

1.The Philippines

The main issue with the Philippines is that people are wary of others from different Asian countries. Once again this makes it difficult to know if it is actual racism or a fear of particular countries, so is it due to their skin color or is there something else going on?


Around a quarter of all Bulgarians would hate to have somebody of a different race living next to them, but it is mainly focused on people from Africa as well as other Eastern European countries. This means that there is a real mix of racism and xenoph0bia.


The main issue with racism in Bangladesh is kept for conflict between Bangladeshis, Indians, Pakistanis, and anybody else from that general area. They see the problem being that they are going there for work and making locals poorer, so there are economic reasons behind this particular bit of racism.


France is rated as one of the most racist countries in the world and this seems strange considering the mix of people that exist in the country. However, there is a lot of racial tension especially towards people from north Africa leading to up to 30% of people not wanting somebody of a different race living beside them.


Up to 40% of people interviewed as part of a survey in Indonesia stated that they would not like somebody of a different race living next to them. Whether that is because of their race or whether it is because of a fear of them having different beliefs is unknown, but no matter the reason it does make this country one of the most racist in the world.

6.South Korea

This is a shock because South Korea is seen as being a very forward thinking country and it is certainly one of the most technologically advanced countries out there. However, it may be racist simply because people are willing to speak their mind when it comes to their prejudices compared to a number of other countries where people keep it to themselves.


Vietnam is apparently one of the most racist countries in this part of Asia as it too has more than 30% of people stating that they would not be able to live next door to somebody of a different race. The reasons as to why this figure is so high are unknown, but perhaps it had something to do with the war?



Quite simply, Iran as a country is not very tolerant. Indeed, over 30% of people that took part in a survey said that they could only ever have other Iranians living next door to them. The only surprise is that the figure is that low.


This may surprise some people, but there is a lot of racial tension in Egypt with more than a third of people that live there refusing to have people of a different race living next door to them. This racial tension has also developed into sectarian tension as well making it quite a dangerous country to visit.


10.Saudi Arabia

This country has actually been in the spotlight recently due to the way in which migrant workers have been treated. They seem to like getting cheap labor, but the people that are actually from there have a torrid time with them being treated like slaves and shunned.


Jordan is seen as being the most racist country in the world simply because more than half of the people that took part in a survey stated that they would not want somebody of a different race living next to them. This really is a huge percentage and it does show that there is a deeply rooted issue in the country.



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