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Most Scariest Ghost Sightings Around The World

Friday, Aug 28, 2020, 1:43 pm

#10 Burton Agnes Hall

A little girl called Annie Griffith was cruelly mugged outside of her home by heartless robbers. She was beaten badly and managed to crawl back inside of her home. Before she died she warned her family to cut off her head and keep it in the home to ward off spirits. They did not listen and once she was buried the house was racked with wailing, banging and eerie noises all night. They exhumed little Annie and once her coffin was opened people recoiled in horror as they saw her face pulled in an unnatural and horrific grin. They removed her head as she had told them and kept it at home. This warded off spirits for decades until someone removed it again. The same horrid noises haunted the house until it was brought back and encased in the walls permanently. Since then it has been quiet.

Burton Agnes Hall-Most Scariest Ghost Sightings Around The World


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