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Most Shocking Documentaries

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2020, 2:22 pm

1.Child of Rage

This is a documentary that focuses on the abuse that was suffered by one little girl called Beth. It tells the story of the rage inside her and the various issues that she has all as a result of the abuse that was at the hands of her own father.

2.Interview with a Cannibal

This title is able to explain what the documentary is all about because it focuses on interviewing an actual cannibal called Issei Sagawa. The scary part is that the courts said he was insane and was released from custody even though he actually did eat an innocent woman.

3.The Killing of America

This documentary shows you a lot of actual crime being committed and that in itself is a bit unsettling for people. These crimes go from simple riots to murder, so only watch this if you know that it is not going to have an adverse effect on you.

4.Atomic Wounds

This is all about the wounds suffered by people that were in Japan when the atomic bombs were dropped. This really is quite horrific and it gives you a completely different insight into what happens to humans thanks to nuclear material.

5.The Iceman Tapes

If you decide to watch this documentary, then you are going to learn all about the mind of a contract serial killer. The guy is quite chilling when you listen to him as he so casually describes how he went about it all, so even though it is scary it is certainly essential viewing.


This is a forest in Japan where there have been a large number of suicides over the last few decades. That makes this one of the creepiest places in the world and it is certainly somewhere that you do not want to go for a walk especially after watching this show.

7.High on Crack Street

As you can guess, this is all about people that have drug issues and how it has an impact on their life. The reason why it is shocking is because it really does take you inside their life and the problems that they face and you will probably end up feeling quite sorry for them at times.


8.Night and Fog

The holocaust is clearly something we should never forget and this documentary does certainly help with that. It focuses on the likes of Auschwitz, but it looks at what happened to the people that were in there, so that is always going to be something that is very emotional to most people.

9.The Emperor's naked Army Marches On

The idea of this documentary is that it follows a guy who was in the Japanese army who goes back to New Guinea in order to try to learn more about the people that killed two of his friends. That in itself is not shocking, but what is shocking is the way in which you gradually find out what happened and how brutal things were.


10.Lake of Fire

Lake of Fire is all about abortion, so of course it is going to be quite shocking to watch. This is an absolute epic of a documentary, but it does deal with such a harrowing subject that you cannot help but feel a number of different emotions.

11.The Act of Killing

You will be learning about the people behind the Indonesian death squads and when you consider how many people they ended up killing it is perhaps no surprise that this is a documentary that is going to take your breath away. It is just the way that things are described on here that will stun you and you will appreciate that you did not live there.


12.Burden of Dreams

This is set in Peru and it focuses on a rubber baron, but the most shocking part about it was the way in which the locals offered to murder somebody for the documentary and surely that would have been overstepping the mark. You will be stunned at how brutal this life can actually be.


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