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Natural Ways To Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Friday, Aug 13, 2021, 1:32 pm

1.Vitamin C

Take vitamin C on a daily basis because this can help stop the development of gum disease. You can do this either by fruit or an actual supplement and it is entirely up to you as to the one you use. However, the key here is to do so on a regular basis, so get taking it into your routine and help the health of your teeth in the process.

2.Soft brush

Use a soft toothbrush as hard bristles can damage the top layer especially when you have sensitive teeth and cause problems. The soft nature will also protect your gums from being damaged especially if you have the start of gum disease as you do not want to scratch them and cause issues if it can be avoided.

3.Use a straw

If drinking sugary drinks, then use a straw to get it past the teeth and less likely to then start to cause problems. A straw gets that liquid past your teeth and instead it will be able to go down your throat and not start causing chaos like you feared it would.


Sugar free gum produces saliva and this washes away plaque acid and helps keep teeth healthier. Of course it has to be sugar free or you will just be hit with the sugar and it will not help in any way, but apart from that eating gum on a regular basis really is a great idea.


Eat dairy products for the calcium to help strengthen your teeth and keep them healthy. This alone can make a major difference and make your teeth less prone to breaking when you bite into something. If that happens, then you can start to get all kinds of issues, so use calcium to help.

6.Fruit & Veg

Eat fruit and vegetables. The water dilutes the sugar on your teeth and stops it from causing problems and of course they are not full of artificial ingredients that can all work against the health of your teeth. Instead, get your five a day and see a difference in your oral health.

7.Be healthy

Eat healthily as good nutrition leads to good healthy teeth and do avoid generally being unhealthy, which means stop smoking and cut down on alcohol. All of the things that we put into our mouth can result in problems, so by being careful we can reduce the chances of gum disease and all of the issues that causes.



Get a good dentist and go to the hygienist regularly but make sure they do not just spend five minutes cleaning. If they rush through it they are not doing their job properly and your teeth are going to suffer as a result. Get them cleaned on a regular basis and see your dentist at least twice a year.


Floss once a day as an absolute minimum to stop those little bits of food and germs from building up. The problem with brushing is it does not get into all of those gaps between the teeth, so floss to prevent buildup and to reduce the chances of gum disease.


10.Brush tongue

Brush your tongue on a regular basis to avoid the germs getting to your gums and teeth. It is amazing how many germs will sit there just waiting for their chance to get to your gums, so by brushing your tongue every single time it will reduce the chances of problems developing.

11.Baking soda

Use a toothpaste that has baking soda in it in order to get your teeth feeling very clean. This is harsh enough to break up stains and to remove issues, but not too hard that it will actually damage the enamel on your teeth.



Brush after eating anything including snacking and do so within 20 minutes as this is going to reduce the chances of sugar or bits of food sticking to your teeth and causing issues. Your teeth may feel fine, but there will always be small bits stuck there that need to be removed.


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