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Reasons Why Justin Bieber Is A Douchebag

Monday, Aug 31, 2020, 10:15 am

1.Its Chanel

If you are going to boast about the clothes you wear at least get it right. Instead, he decided to post a pic of himself wearing a Channel ski mask. What a douchebag.

2.Banned from indoor sky flying

He is banned from a Las Vegas indoor sky flying club after turning up just before it was to close, trashing the bathroom, then falling through on a promise to instagram a photo of himself with the owner as payment. In other words he refused to pay and acted like a brat.

3.A leopard print car

Come on anybody that gets a fancy sports car and decides to add some leopard print to it has to be a douchebag. As if the original car does not make you stand out enough you need to go and do that???

4.His monkey

Justin got a pet monkey in Germany, but didn't think about getting paperwork for it. This meant he had to leave it in the country and even though he said how much he loved it he just abandoned it and allowed a shelter to look after it before getting a second one elsewhere.

5.Having a person to hold pizza

He turned up to host SNL with 20 people to help him. They say he had people standing there ready with drinks and something to eat with that being their only job.

6.Anne Frank

This was seriously insensitive. Justin visited the house of Anne Frank and decided to make it all about him by making a comment in the guest book about hoping she would have been a fan. Luckily for her she died decades earlier.

7.Keeping people waiting

He decided to screw up the day for others by keeping a private plane waiting for 8 hours for his pet monkey. He was eventually told it had to take off as the pilot would soon be unable to fly.


8.Spitting in the face of a neighbor

Justin had a new Ferrari delivered at 8am and decided to roar around his neighborhood. A neighbor complained leading to Justin spitting in his face before threatening to kill him.

9.Peeing in a restaurant

There is a video out there which shows him drunk and trying to get out of a restaurant by the back door. He stops to have a pee in a mop bucket then sprays a photograph of Bill Clinton before shouting and swearing.


10.Carried on the Great Wall of China

How absolutely stupid is this? The Great Wall of China is one of the most amazing things in the world, so why did he feel that walking up it was too much for him?

11.He attacked his neighbor

Justin is 20 years old, so why is he pelting his neighbor with eggs? He was actually caught on camera shouting and swearing before throwing the eggs at the house. What on earth is going on with him?


12.Bad to his staff

He is known as being terrible to his staff and treats them appallingly. He feels that he can do and say anything he wants to them and get away with it simply because he has money.


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