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Reasons Why You Should Not Date Online

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 8:30 am


The obvious reasons could be that your person of interest could turn out to be a liar. Even if on a small level or massive level this will cause issues if not now, then later. People find lying on the net so easy that they can even allow this habit to spread into their real life activities.


Emails can go unanswered, texts go missing, it is all very confusing and all very emotional leaning on the internet to determine your future. Sometimes you will be left wondering what went wrong, after all internet relationships are easy to get out of.

3.People look for the same things

You might think you have escaped the rat-race by dating online. In reality though women still seek men with certain attributes. Particularly the younger market. So you might be able to make up with it by being a great writer or communicator online, but when the crunch comes can you deliver?

4.Self Esteem

Meeting people you have clicked with online is overall quite stressful. At each meeting and with each person you are being judged and rated. This is only natural, as you are doing the same right? This can cause havoc on self esteem.

5.Loads of Time

If you are serious about meeting that special someone online be prepared for copious amounts of dates. Dates are costly and very time consuming. You might have to kiss tons of frogs before you meet your Prince or Princess.

6.Social Skills

There is a huge irony that if you lack social skills or are socially inept, you might seek to date via online methods. The problem with this is you never actually develop those skills by hiding out behind a computer. Instead you cause yourself more low self esteem issues by never actually giving real life an attempt.

7.Makes you Unfit

Dating online can lead to weight gain because you are sitting around doing nothing. Or it can seriously mess with your fitness levels.


8.Real Life Takes a Dive

Dating online and particularly one person can make your real life social life take a dive. How can you do both so it stands to reason. You will spend less and less time with flesh and blood friends and more time with a person you 'hope' will turn out special. That is hard work and it is sacrifice.

9.Online is Not a Cheap Date

If you think online dating is the easier route, think again. Online dating is harder. It takes longer for one to actually get to the know the person. It can cost you hours and hours of your time. It can also be financially draining once you begin to meet. Particularly if you live in a different country. Flight costs, hotel arrangements and all of that is not exactly a cheap date.


10.Be Careful

Safety on the internet is another issue. We all know there are dubious males out there looking for victims. Don't rule out females either. Some also have evil agendas including revenge.

11.Even The Sites Set Up Cat Fish

There are so many fake profiles you will never know who you are really speaking to. It appears also that many huge dating sites are also guilty of producing fake profiles for the sake of drawing in people looking for love or other. Ashley Madison who runs a site for guys looking to cheat is being sued for 21 Million by an employee who was hired to create the thousands of fake profiles. One photograph is seen here.


12.The Downside For Men

With so many people turning to online dating as a tool for meeting wonderful women, the competition is tough. Whether your emails or friend requests are answered depends on a lot of things. Online dating has not become the easier route any-more. Online dating gives women the ability to sit back in comfort and check out the men vying for her attention. She could get even pickier than if you were meeting her in real life.


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