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Ridiculously Cool Natural Phenomena

Sunday, Aug 30, 2020, 1:52 pm

1.Moon Bows

Similar to their day time counterparts moon bows are a mix of light, mist and water droplets but the light igniting them is from the moon instead of the sun. Spotted rarely they are quite beautiful with unusual colors. Many have been seen in Zimbabwe at Victoria Waterfall and Cumberland Falls in Kentucky.

2.Red Tides

A culmination of sea algae and certain tides creates the most beautiful colored sea tinged with red and gold. You have to admit that this does look pretty special and is something that just looks so wrong, but at the same time so cool.

3.Frost Flowers

It is hard to believe that these beautiful 'flowers' are simply frost formations. Found in clusters at certain temperatures and ice conditions these gorgeous flowers can take on any shape or form and create the most beautiful rare flower like displays ever.

4.Columnar Basalt

Looking at this natural phenomenon one would think these perfect honeycomb shapes were man made by an artist? In fact they are perfectly formed by nature by lava flows. They are hardy too so you can climb them.

5.Snow Donut

These perfectly shaped donuts are made from snow and a natural freaky phenomenon. It takes perfect wind power and certain temperatures before mother nature makes these donuts!

6.Water Sprouts

Just as the name implies these are jets of water that shoot out with no warning into the sky. The force behind them is quite fierce so, if you are in a boat watch out!

7.Sun Dogs

Sun Dogs are a weird interplay of light and ice crystals so you will see them when the temperature drops and icicles are in the atmosphere. The crazy thing about them is they make the sky look like there is more than one sun floating about!


8.Fire Rainbow

These beautiful extra large fiery rainbows only occur in certain lights and when the sun is hitting the earth at particular angles. They can appear fiery and scattered unlike a rainbow.

9.Super Cells

A super cell is kind of a flattened smaller version of a tornado. Quite distinct to look at by their compact appearance the difference is the size and speed at which they spin. The best thing to do when spotting one is run like mad!



These icy fields are found in high mountainous regions like the Andes. Once formed they attract heat and eventually vaporize into the atmosphere. The spikes can grow up to a whopping 13 feet in height. Imagine a field of long pointed ice that does not wave in the breeze!


Brinicles occur when the sea freezes in particularly cold areas like the North and South Pole. A chemical process occurs whereby parts of water freeze underneath the sea and form brinicles. The brinicles sink to the bottom of the sea under the frozen surface forming a type of ice sculpture. The result is an underwater cave like eerie atmosphere, which is quite breathtaking and beautiful.


12.Volcanic Lightning

The color show that is given during a natural phenomena like volcanic lightening could beat any firework display on earth. The actual storm takes place on top of a volcano and it is said that the positively charged debris enacts with the atmosphere. This could be a very romantically charged place to propose!


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