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Secret Facts About Futurama You Didn't Know

Tuesday, Mar 30, 2021, 7:05 am

1.30th century Fox

At the end you will see that they have 30th Century Fox and in actual fact 20th century Fox hated the concept and were dead against it. So how has it now appeared? Quite simply because the creator went ahead and bought the rights to the term, so now he owns it he puts it in himself.

2.The owl

Next time you watch the series pay particular attention to the appearance of an owl. What the creators have done is they have replaced rats with owls, so every time you would expect a rat to appear you get a flying creature instead.


OK you might not want to watch this if you are sensitive to lights, but there is a 22 minute episode out there entirely dedicated to the Hypnotoad. It does absolutely nothing because saying the audience will remember nothing at the end, but then we know about it, so clearly somebody did remember.


Obviously giving voices to characters leads to some people doing a wide range from various shows. In this instance the person behind the voice for Nibbler was also the voice behind the character Megatron in Transformers, so talk about going from one extreme to the other.

5.Why not zoidberg?

This is one of those sayings that people keep repeating and you will see it on a number of memes online. The only problem is that it is never actually mentioned in the show at any point, so all of those people that are using it are actually just making a complete idiot of themselves.

6.Benders first words

Ever wondered what his first words actually were? Prepare yourself because he actually said, "Bite my shiny metal ass!" and be honest you were not expecting that were you?


The name Bender just seems to be a bit strange, but then it is based on a character of the same name in the movie The Breakfast Club. The creators loved the movie, so decided that they had to somehow get a part of it into the series.


8.Planet Express ship

Have you ever thought that the ship has a rather strange look about it? In actual fact the shape is supposed to be modeled on the captain of the ship Leela. Next time you are checking it out compare the shape of her head to the ship and see if there are similarities.


This shows how different things can influence ideas because the outfit that Fry wears is heavily influenced by something that James Dean wore. Look at his movie Rebel Without A Cause and see if you recognize that jacket from somewhere else. 

Fry-Secret Facts About Futurama You Didn't Know

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10.Alien language

If you have noticed the alien language and are extremely observant, then you may have noticed that it is not the same as it was when the series started. This is because people actually worked out what it was saying, so they have changed it twice to stop it from happening.

11.The name

Have you ever wondered where the name came from? It was seen on a 1939 exhibit that showcased what the future would be like and the creators saw a picture of it and the series name was born.



The inspiration for the series apparently came from listening to the song Robot Blues by the Incredible String Band. How that managed to lead to Futurama does seem a bit strange, but then that snippet of information does come from the creator.


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