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Strange Artifacts That Are Alien

Sunday, Aug 30, 2020, 9:31 am

1.Electrical rock

This rock appears to have some kind of electrical component inside it, but how did it get there? It appears as if the rock was formed around it, but how is that possible unless it is an alien item?

2.Alien necklace

A tribe in Mexico uncovered some strange plates showing what appear to be UFOs on them. These plates are far too old to have been etched by anybody influenced by Star Trek, so what is going on?


There is a site in these Chinese mountains that have an amazing secret. Archaeologists managed to find stone disks that were 10,000 years old, but on them were hieroglyphics that apparently tell the story of a spaceship.

4.Human handprint

This human handprint was found in limestone that has been dated to being approximately 110 million years old. How could this fossil exist like this when we are not that old?

5.Alien skull?

A very peculiar skull was unearthed in Mexico and indeed the skull has been tested and it is 1000 years old. Just look at it for a second and try to imagine what that person must have felt like.

6.Lolladoff plate

At first glance this disc looks completely normal and if it was relatively new would it bother you? However, this disc is 14,000 years old and is from Nepal and just look at the images on there.

7.Iron in coal

France has thrown up a number of possibilities in recent times that could shed some light on alien contact. Imagine cracking open a piece of coal only to discover metal inside. How much of a eureka moment must that have been?


8.Istanbul rocket

This is an item that appears to show a man in a single seat rocket. You would have had no problem believing it if it was from the 1960s, but this item is over 2000 years old.

9.Russian aluminum item

A piece of aluminum in Russia that was shaped like a tooth from a wheel is apparently 300 million years old. Clearly this is way before we could do anything like this, so is it a freak of nature or is it something alien?


10.Ancient aeroplanes

Well if you are looking for a strange unexplained item how about this? What you see is a gold depiction of an airplane, or is it just a stylized bee? It comes from the Incas, so were they just using imagination or did they have contact with aliens?

11.Ubaid lizard men

Now this artefact is very strange as it is a statue dug up by archaeologists in Iraq that appears to depict something that you could claim to be alien. However, the site is 7000 years old and the statues are an absolute mystery.


12.Guatemala stone head

This, as the name suggests, was a giant stone head that explorers came across in the 1930s. They said it was of a style that did not look like the people that lived there and was of a completely different civilization with some people claiming it is an alien.


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