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Strangest College Mascots

Monday, Aug 31, 2020, 7:09 am

1.Delta State University - The Fighting Okra

Just like the fighting pickle, the Fighting Okra seems like a strange choice for a mascot, but the vegetable represents Delta State University in all of its games. The idea came about when students wanted something green to match their school colors, and something from the south. It stood to reason then that okra would be the best choice.

2.North Carolina School Of The Arts - Fighting Pickles

At first a joke, the Fighting Pickles came into being in 1972 as a result of a contest to find a mascot. The pickle won and was named the official school mascot, much to the embarrassment of the school staff. However, the Fighting Pickle has led the team to victory time and time again.

3.Ohio State - Brutus The Buckeye

Brutus Buckeye has appeared at Ohio State University's games since 1965. Dressed like a student, wearing the school colors, he has a giant head that looks like an Ohio Buckeye nut. The lovable mascot is loved by the crowd as he joins in the cheers for his team, along with the cheerleading squad.

4.Rhode Island School? - Scrotie

Scrotie takes the title of weirdest school mascot. He is the unofficial mascot for the Rhode island School Of Design and is shocking to anyone who sees him. Designed to look like a penis with a scrotum while wearing a cape, he leads the cheers for the school's hockey team, the Nads.

Rhode Island School? - Scrotie-Strangest College Mascots

Rhode Island School? - Scrotie-Strangest College Mascots

5.St. Louis University - Billiken

Another cute, Billiken is St. Louis University's mascot, who is a cross between an alien and a vampire. It is said that this particular mascot was chosen because he looked like one of the coaches, and the name Billiken means good luck. Whatever he is, he sure is a crowd pleaser.

6.University Of California Santa Cruz - Sammy The Banana Slug

Sammy The Banana Slug was no intended to be a lasting name, but try as they might to change it, The University Of California Santa Cruz has been unsuccessful. It was first brought about as a dig at the overemphasis of athletics in many of the universities in the country. The slug, a slimy yellow mollusk, is found in northern California costal communities.

7.Campbell University - Gaylord The Camel

Gaylord The Camel is one of the cutest school mascots out there, but his name is not so cute. Instead of calling him the Campbell Camel he is named Gaylord, making him the butt of many jokes. The team has had their fair share of wins over teams who never anticipated being beaten by a gay camel.


8.Evergreen State - Geoducks

The geoduck is a mollusk that is native to the Pacific Northwest, and a great choice for Evergreen State for its mascot. With this unique mascot comes the Geoduck fight song, which is every bit as exciting, if not more so, than the Geoduck mascot himself. Take a gander at the words and decide for yourself.

9.Scottsdale Community College - Fighting Artichokes

When Scottsdale Community College opened in 1970 they were not proponents of letting the students have a voice. This was evident when they asked the students, via a ballot, to help choose the team mascot. Even though Artichokes won, the administration vetoed it, and this continued for many years, with Artichokes winning over and over again. Finally the Artichoke won!


10.Texas Christian University - Super Frog The Horned Frog

The Horned Toad has been the mascot for Texas Christian University since 1897. Being the state reptile, the century plus mascot was originally called Addy The All American Frog until 1979 when the monicker Super Frog took over. According to folklore the Native Americans believed the frog had ancient powers.

11.University Of Arkansas - Boll Weevils

The smallest creature to be selected as a school's mascot, the University of Arkansas Boll Weevil represents strength and destruction. Boll weevils may be small in real life but they are one of the most destructive pests when it comes to cotton, making them a great representative for their school team in destroying the competition.


12.Webster University - Gorlocks

Designed by Webster University students and staff in a contest held at the school, the Gorlock became the school mascot. With the horns of a buffalo, paws of a speeding cheetah, and face of a Saint Bernard, the mascot is said to embody "speed, agility and stamina in an atmosphere of fairness and good conduct."


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