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Suicide Stories With An Incredible Happy Ending

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 10:07 am

1.Vangelis Kapatos

Vangelis Kapatos was having a nervous breakdown while facing eviction. He jumped from his 9th story apartment and landed in a pile of garbage bags left on the New York City streets. In critical condition, he lived to tell the tale about his trash landing. The city saved him, and he had reason to live.

2.Joe Sanders

Joe Sanders placed his M-4 crbine to his chin and actually pulled the trigger. The soldier had just heard his wife was leaving him, and he was stressed out from fighting in Iraq. Life felt like it was over, and by all counts he should be dead right now, but the firing pin was missing. Seems his roommate, who had heard him talking about killing himself, removed the pin, which prevented the gun from firing.


At the top of his game in 1997, DMC was on tour in Europe when he fell into a depression and made a decision to kill himself when he returned home. As he was listening to the Sarah McLachlan's song "Angel" on the radio on his way home from the airport, he changed his mind. Later he found out that he was adopted and he attributed that to putting him in the right place to meet Run and Jam Master Jay to create the group Run DMC. Life finally made sense.

4.Young Chinese Boy

When a Chinese boy stepped over the railing of a pedestrian bridge, ready to jump, an unlikely hero emerged in the form of a young waitress named Liu Wenxiu. Scrambling to the railing, she listened to the sixteen year old, then told him about her own attempted suicide, before leaning in and hugging him, then planting a kiss on him. The boy, with something to live for, climbed back over the railing.

5.Barry Parr

Barry Parr was a window cleaner in 2001, when he heard a yell coming from above. Spotting a fourteen year old girl getting ready to hang herself from a tree, Barry ran with his ladder to the girl to talk her down. Just as Parr was about to climb the ladder, the girl jumped, and Parr caught her before she hit the ground, saving her life. As the girl squirmed around the cold December day, desperate to escape his arms and finish herself off, Barry held her for one hour, while balancing on the ladder and almost falling himself.

6.French Woman

When a sixty three year old french woman decided to take out a rifle and attempt to kill herself in her yard in Sorgues, she fired off some test shots. Upon turning the gun on herself, she fired, missing her heart because her dog leaped at the gun, saving her life. The dog then waited with the injured women, staying by her side, until her husband came home.

7.Kevin Berthia

Twenty two year old Kevin Berthia was about to jump from the Golden Gate bridge when Highway Patrol Officer Kevin Briggs talked to him for about an hour, before Berthia came back over the rail to safety. Briggs was honored at the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, and Berthia made sure he was the one to present the award.


8.Kylie Kylem

Kylie Kylem was only fifteen years old when her teen life had gotten to her. Feeling saddened, she took to Twitter to get some support, but instead bullies encouraged her to kill herself. Reporting back to them that she was cutting herself and on the verge of doing something awful, someone named Anonymous and Rustle League stepped in. Anonymous found the offending tweeters and threatened to give their names to the police, unless they apologized to Kylie, which they did.

9.Don Ritchie

Don Ritchie made his life's mission to stop jumpers from leaping to their death from a hotspot in Sydney, Australia that was the last place seen by those who wished to live no more. Living at the top of that spot, Don watched out his window all day long, from 1964 to 20112, staring at the cliff face, and going down to anyone who looked to be pondering a jump. He saved 164 lives before passing away last year.


10.Noah Brocklebank

At the age of 12, Noah Brocklebank was being bullied in school. The anguish he suffered caused him to begin cutting his arms, until one day he posted a picture of his slashed wrist on Instagram with a message that read," Day of scheduled suicide, February 8th, 2013, my birthday." Authorities intervened and as he lay in the hospital, his mother set up a FaceBook page for friends and family to send love, and words of encouragement, to her son. Instead she received seven thousand handwritten letters mailed to Noah telling him how great he was.

11.John Unger And His Dog

John Unger, freshly dumped by his girlfriend, was on the brink of suicide when his dog, Schoep, pulled him back. Schoep was a rescue dog when he and his girlfriend had adopted him, and rescue John is what he did. Schoep got crippling arthritis in 2012, and John returned the favor by helping his dog float in Lake Superior every night to ease his pain. When his friend posted a picture online of John and his dog in the lake, the internet exploded with donations for treatment for the ailing hero.


12.Hanns Jones

Hanns Jones had enough of his bad life, and so in 2001 he jumped off the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. He had been searching for his father for decades, was in a dead end career and just broke up with his live-in girlfriend. However, on his way down he realized he was giving his son the same fate as him, by having him grow up without a father. When he hit the water, he forced himself to survive a broken neck, shattered ribs, a collapsed lung and burst spleen. When Lynn-Marie Cary read about his plight, she tracked down his father and reuinted the two.


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