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15 Things You Didn't Know About The Big Bang Theory

Sunday, Jan 12, 2020, 9:18 am

The Big Bang Theory or popularly known as TBBT is a long-running American sitcom created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady. It is one of the most popular TV shows in the world right now. People really love those nerdy jokes in the show. Do you like The Big Bang Theory? Do you think you are a super fan of the show and its characters? If yes, you got to read these fifteen surprising and interesting facts about The Bing Bang Theory that you didn't know before! 
1.Jim Parson's personal life

If you are a The big bang theory fan like me then you would be familiar with Dr. Sheldon Cooper's obsession with Star trek and Spock but did you know he never really watched Star trek in his life, Not even a single episode. The actor(Jim Parson) has been hiding his lack of interest in Star trek with his amazing acting skills. I don't know whether to be sad that he doesn't know Star trek or be happy that he is such an awesome actor(better roll a dice :p ).

Jim Parson's personal life-15 Things You Didn't Know About The Big Bang Theory

Jim Parson's personal life-15 Things You Didn't Know About The Big Bang Theory

Another interesting fact that might break the heart of numerous lady fans of Jim out there is: Jim is in a relationship with Todd Spiewak since 2002. Such a happy couple :)
Jim Parson's personal life-15 Things You Didn't Know About The Big Bang Theory



2.Real Life vs. Fiction: Cheesecake Factory Uniforms

In real-life, Cheesecake Factory workers all wear a white shirt as a part of their uniform seen in second image,

Real Life vs. Fiction: Cheesecake Factory Uniforms-15 Things You Didn't Know About The Big Bang Theory
but on the Big Bang Theory that isn't so. Penny and the rest of her co-workers, who work at the establishment, are always wearing a yellow top over a white shirt. The reason for this is because white shirts "strobe" on analog television. Most television shows avoid having their actors in white shirts and white attire altogether.


3.Sheldon's Green Lantern Shirts

To an unknown fan, Sheldon's Green Lantern shirts seem just like any old shirt you find in a department store. However, there's more to these shirts than just coming in random colors. The Green Lantern symbol shirts haveparallel emotions in the comic realm: red is for rage, blue is for hope and indigo is for compassion. The symbol on Sheldon's shirt is more times than not, a hint to his current emotion in that scene.

4.Penny Loves Leonard Scene

Television scenes are shot several times before the director gets the footage he/she needs. The scene were Penny finally admits to being in love with Leonard is one of the most memorable occurrences on the show. One of the reasons the scene is so special is because it was shot in just one take. Both actors just went with what was in their heart and it worked.

5.Big Bang Theory Stairs

Nothing is ever what it seems. Even though it looks like the cast is walking up several flights of stairs during each show, it is actually just one set of stairs used for the series. All of the actors and the production crewhave to reset and change the scene to make it appear as though the characters are climbing more than one flight.

6.Kate Micucci Auditioned to Play Amy

Actress Kate Micucci is hilarious as Lucy on The Big Bang Theory. Her chemistry with Kunal Nayyar (Raj) is effortless, but it almost never happened. Micucci originally auditioned for the role of Amybut itultimately went to Mayim Bialik. Micucci's audition impressed the producers so much that they decided to ask her to play Lucy instead.

7.Penny's Mysterious Last Name

The male characters on Big Bang Theory are all known by their first and last names. Leonard and Sheldon's next-door neighbor Penny is only known by her first name. The show has been on the air since 2007, but the writers have never revealed Penny's last name. Her portrayer, Kaley Cuoco, insists that Penny's last name remain a secret.


8.Kaley Cuoco's Sister Guest Starred on an Episode

The Big Bang Theory keeps it in the family. Briana Cuoco (sister of Kaley Cuoco) is responsible for choreographing a surprise flash mob featuring the cast for the show's producers. Bri later nabbed a guest spot on the show's Valentine's Day special. In the episode, she can be seen in the background having dinner.

9."Soft Kitty" is a Real Song

Sheldon might be a scientist, but even he can't use his smarts to get over a cold. Fans of the show will remember that anytime Sheldon gets sick, he requests that Penny (Kaley Cuoco) sing him the "Soft Kitty" lullaby song. The show's executive producer, Bill Prady, revealed that the song is indeed real and he learned it from his daughter. "It's from my daughter's preschool in Sherman Oaks," reveals Prady. "It was from Australia and one of the teachers heard it there."


10.Mayim Bialik is a Scientist

Just like her character on the show, Mayim Bialik is a scientist in real life. After her show Blossom ended, Bialik decided to attend UCLA for college.While there, she earned degrees in neuroscience, Hebrew and Jewish studies. She took a break from school to return to acting, but she returned and earned her PhD in neuroscience in 2007.

11.The History Behind "Bazinga!"

If you've been watching The Big Bang Theory religiously, then you'll often hear Sheldon use the phrase "Bazinga!" The catch-phrase was created by Big Bang writerStephen Engel. Engel is known to use the line as his own version of "gotcha" on the show's set, after setting up practical jokes behind the scenes.

12.Sheldon Playing the Theremin

Some actors pretend to play instruments if their character calls for it, but not Mayim Bialik and Jim Parsons. Bialik and Parsonsare actually playing the harp and Theremin, respectively, on the show. The two decided to learn how to play the instruments after it was written in the show that a harp is Amy's favorite instrument.

13.Bernadette's Voice is Contrived

Melissa Rauch, who plays Bernadette on the hit CBS show, didn't just get her looks from her momma. The actress said her snappy and animated, character is inspired by her mom. When asked if her character was anything like her mom, Rauch replied, "Only without the Jersey! Tonally, it's very similar."

14.Saltzberg Is The Show's Official Science Advisor

Yes, the show has an official science advisor whose job is to review plots, write complex formulae on whiteboard, and help writers write accurate science jokes. David Saltzberg is the brain behind those awesome science jokes in TBBT. He is a physics and astronomy professor at the University of California, Los Angeles. 

Saltzberg Is The Show's Official Science Advisor -15 Things You Didn't Know About The Big Bang Theory

15.Science Enrolment Has Increased In Universities Since The Show Aired

More and more students in the United States and around the world have shown special interest towards science ever since the show aired on CBS. The University of Michigan has reported that they have seen 150% growth in science enrollments!

Science Enrolment Has Increased In Universities Since The Show Aired-15 Things You Didn't Know About The Big Bang Theory


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