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The Big Bang Theory Unaired Pilot Episode

Thursday, Jul 14, 2022, 5:30 am

The big bang theory is a hugely successful show all over the world. It's geeky humor has been appreciated in almost all the countries but did you know The Big Bang Theory had a pilot run before it became so popular? The show had a pilot run before it was aired all over the world. However, the pilot episode wasn't much appreciated by the audience and CBS network as much as the real episode which we all have seen. Want to know more about it? Then read on...

#7 Katie Meets Guys

While going to the restaurant they come across Katie who is broke and lonely. The guys feel sorry for her and invite her to have dinner with them. Katie gets confused on the invitation and asks if there is anything wrong with the guys. The guys explain her how Indian curry can act as a good laxative and help her overcome some of her problems. Katie accepts the dinner invitation and they all leave for restaurant.

Katie Meets Guys-The Big Bang Theory Unaired Pilot Episode




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