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Things We Do Completely Wrong Everyday

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 7:36 pm

#9 Sleeping

Most people say they suffer with poor sleep or battle to get the prescribed eight hours a night. A lot of this comes from the rigid time tables we have to follow that often involve work or responsibilities that are required of us daily. The other factor influencing sleep is the advent of the light bulb. In the old days before corporate life and ballet classes for the kids at 7.30am people slept a little differently. They would go to sleep when it was dark for a few hours, wake again, do a few interesting things like perhaps read a book or have sex then doze off again. These days because of our alarm clocks going off at 6am being awake terrifies us. Plus, having our home lit up to all hours keeps us awake too.

Sleeping-Things We Do Completely Wrong Everyday


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