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Top 12 Advices For Men

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 7:53 pm

1.Asking can be useful

Well that started off well, but then the boy at the bottom has discovered the hard way that it is best to ask them before you do anything. By doing that, you will reduce the chances of there being some conflict or you will just go round in circles.

2.Avoid posing

Do yourself a favor and drop that habit of staring in the mirror at yourself all of the time because that is just going to annoy the life out of most of the women. They do not want to be with a guy that is in the bathroom more than them.

3.It makes life easier

Yeah in a relationship it does make your life that little bit easier if you are seen as being the crazy one. However, the hardest part is trying to make sure that you do not overdo it as that can also lead to problems that your would perhaps not have to deal with.

4.Optimism is good

Being optimistic is certainly something that we should all do, but of course it needs to be quite controlled as well. Just because the present time does not look too good it does not mean that the future has to be bad as well.

5.So very true

This is actually a good piece of advice because there is so much more to her than what her graphics are able to show. If you just look at the exterior, then you have no idea what the main part of the game is all about and how enjoyable it can be.

6.It could be scary

It is probably impossible to be given a better piece of advice than this because the last thing you want when you have taken a laxative is to end up in a very deep sleep indeed. If that happens it could all go very wrong indeed in the morning.

7.Absolutely true

There is no doubt that this is very sound advice because when women say that to you, then you need to always view it as a trap. Let's be honest here they are lining up to catch you out and it is up to you to prove that you are not like that.


8.Sound advice

If you are very aware of how others perceive you, then this is a piece of advice that you really do need to listen to. There is no way that you would be able to survive being out bench pressed by your partner in front of the guys at the gym.

9.The dog wins

Yeah now this is a great tip for guys that want to meet women, get a dog. The best thing is to make sure that it is small and cute and the attention that you will then get will astound you.


10.You have to be cautious

Well see with this kind of thing you are right to be cautious, but of course it just looks a bit strange when it is a little girl that is giving you this kind of advice. Surely they could have picked another picture of somebody else? However, the message is very true indeed.

11.Give up on advice

This does indeed show why as a man you should never bother giving out advice because you get no thanks on return for it. Look at what he says and try to tell us that it is not good advice? OK it has nothing to do with the question, but that is not the point here.


12.See it's impossible

What this shows is that it is basically impossible to keep a woman happy, so why should we even bother trying in the first place? In actual fact we try because it just makes life easier for us and that is certainly a good enough reason.


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