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Top 15 Tattoos For Men

Monday, Jul 11, 2022, 6:51 pm


Having some kind of Latin text on your body is always popular and this example is a good way to show how cool it can look when it is done correctly. The wheel part is easy enough to change as are the words, but for maximum effect it is always best to have the tattoo looking quite busy like this or the words can just get lost when on their own.

2.The sleeve

A full sleeve can look impressive as this example shows, but you do have options available such as having it in color like this or just two colors as is shown elsewhere. There is so much going on in this sleeve that you have to just step back and admire it and this is the most popular type of sleeve tattoo currently being done by guys.

3.All Seeing Eye

It is not just the all seeing eye in this tattoo, but it is also its placement that adds to the overall effect of it. You cannot help but have your own eyes drawn to it and the red color really does help with this as well. You should not read too much into the symbolism that this eye has elsewhere, but instead just appreciate it for how good it looks.

4.Circuit board

This tattoo is different in that it is copying parts of a circuit board, so you can see how it is a good tattoo for a guy. This tattoo is more intricate than you think and it is another example where it is better if the entire arm is covered rather than part as it does add to the visual aspect of it.

5.Cool skeleton

Everybody knows that when it comes to a tattoo that a guy will often have a skull or a skeleton at some point, but at least this guy looks cool with his cap on and smiling. It just makes things appear to be slightly less freaky about them as he seems to be friendly enough and not intimidating in the slightest. It is also quite a colorful tattoo without being over the top and fits nicely on an arm as well.

6.The heart

This heart tattoo is different in that it combines the heart with a company drilling for oil, but this time it is for blood. It is a clever combination of two different things and you will appreciate the symbolism that it is trying to portray here. When you then add in that it is very well designed, then you ultimately have a tattoo that is seriously cool and is perfect for a guy.

7.The shark

There is something quite manly about a shark, so a tattoo showing one, especially this size, really is quite a masculine tattoo. Yes there may be some tattoos that are better designed, or even more detailed, but at least with this one you can appreciate the overall look and can see how it just would not look good on a woman at all.



A tribal tattoo is common, but how about something slightly different from the swirls with this type of design which is more geometric. This kind of tattoo will only look good when it covers the entire arm as this example shows as it would come across as only being half-finished if you only did part of the arm.


This tattoo is different, but at the same time it is very clever and really is perfect for a guy. This shows being torn between Batman and Superman like some superhero battle, but it is the way that the edges have been made to look quite ragged that is actually the best part of it all. This tattoo gives a completely different talking point when you have people checking it out.



This design is based on the Aztecs and it is a large, but cool tattoo to have on your back. If you look closely you will see the detail that has gone into it and it really must have been a painstaking job to have it done. To somebody that understands the different images this will probably be quite a symbolic tattoo, but for most of us it is simply something that really does look amazing.

11.Eye on time

This tattoo is very cool with the combination of the eye and the clock in the middle of it. This is so well done and it is also very creative in its own right and you can see how it would be a cool tattoo for most guys especially as it does not take up too much of the body making this more appealing to a bigger number of people.


12.The ship

The amazing thing about this tattoo is that it was actually done in 1943, but the detail in it is absolutely outstanding. Every inch of his back has been covered and there is so much to look at that you cannot help but love how it looks. The main thing is the ship in the middle, but every inch is done to such a high standard.

13.Fire Fighter

This tattoo is all about a fire fighter and the detail in the tattoo is breathtaking. It really does depict a full scene from the hydrant to them fighting fire and you cannot fail to like the end result. You do not even have to be in this job to want this kind of tattoo and even if you are not that keen on them you cannot help but admire this tattoo for how good it is.


If you love sci-fi, then you are surely going to love this tattoo. The work that has gone into this is outstanding and you know that they do at least love Star Wars, but the overall design is amazing and you can only guess how long it took to complete it. This has to be one of the ultimate tattoos for a guy.

15.The robot

This tattoo is so cool and you cannot fail to appreciate how well designed it actually is. As you see it reveals that the guy is a robot underneath his skin and it is the attention to detail that is the most astounding part of it. The way that the skin is being shown as if it is all torn adds to the overall appeal and this really is an absolute work of art.


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