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Top Sin Cities In The World

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 7:52 pm

1.Goa, India

A lot of people would not expect Goa to appear on here simply because they think it is all to do with New Age thinking and a more relaxed way of life. While it is relaxed you need to remember that in the summer it is just party heaven and what goes on in Goa certainly stays in Goa.

2.Riga, Latvia

This city has fast become one of the main cities to visit if you live in Europe and you are going to get married. If you travel there you will see parties of guys or girls together simply getting drunk and having a wild time due to the ease with which you can get alcohol and the pretty relaxed laws on pretty much everything.


Tijuana benefits, if you can use that word in this context, from being just over the border from the United States. Why is this so important? Simply because it allows teenagers to flood over the border in order to get drunk. You also need to remember that prostitution is actually legal here, so that is another reason to add to the list.


Bangkok manages to give Pattaya a run for its money, but then you forget that this is the capital of the country yet here it is with sex on a plate and alcohol being far too cheap for your own good. No matter what you are into you will find it here.

5.Port Royal

This city in Jamaica may not be that famous, but when it comes to being sinful, then it is very difficult to beat it. Basically, this place is full of drinking and prostitution and it goes back to the time of the pirates. However, even in the 1960's a British politician left quickly after describing it as the "Sodom of the new world"


OK this may be a bit of a strange one and you are probably wondering as to why Berlin is seen as being one of the most sinful cities in the world, but when you hear that it has a liberal attitude to sex, S&M clubs, and that people love PVC and leather it becomes clear. Basically, this city loves fetishes, so surely that alone makes it sinful?


This city is in Thailand and the chances are that you will already be sitting thinking about the sinful things that take place there. Put it this way, see that stuff you are thinking about? Well there is a very good chance that it will indeed exist there.



If you feel that Las Vegas is not for you, then you would be advised to stay well away from Macau in China. Basically, this is like Vegas, but bigger and you will forget that you are actually in China, however, if you love gambling and playing for high stakes, then this is the place for you.

9.Rio de Janeiro

Rio really is something else and it should be sinful just because of the gorgeous people that walk around topless on the beach. However, even the nightlife is amazing and you can get anything you want there probably even a transvestite dwarf escort if that was your thing.



The reason why Amsterdam is included is because of its more relaxed attitude towards marijuana. It is known around the world that you can buy it in cafes and sit there and get stoned and of course its red light district is also quite famous, so it is no surprise that it is included in this list.


This island is pretty much the party capital of the world and for that reason alone it can be seen as being sinful. There is alcohol galore, there is probably drugs galore, and people just wanting to have a good time, just try not to kill your liver.


12.Las Vegas

Come on was there any way that Las Vegas was not going to appear on a list of the top sin cities in the world? It is the best place in the world for you to gamble away your life and from the moment that you set foot in the place you just know that it feels sinful, but in a fun way of course.


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