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Unbelievable Facebook Stories

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020, 12:44 pm

Facebook is the second largest website in the world with users from almost all parts of the world. Everyday millions of people like, comment and share interesting stories, pictures etc on their profile and Facebook pages. Facebook has created an open free world for everyone but as with anything good; evil and bad things follow along. Here are 13 unbelievable Facebook stories that will definitely make you think twice before you login to your facebook account again.
1.Woman on Facebook Loses Benefits

Nathalie Blanchard had a face book page just like everyone else. She didn't realize though that she was being watched. Natalie was claiming disability income for severe depression and the insurance company paying her was looking at her face book. They saw a smiling Blanchard and decided to stop payments. Of course depressed people do smile but this is kind of a warning to be careful about what you do post on your face book. More people than you know are looking.

Woman on Facebook Loses Benefits-Unbelievable Facebook Stories

2.Mother Reunited

A mother went through over a decade of pain when her former husband decided to kidnap his children. The kids then aged 2 and 3 years old vanished one night. One day the mother saw her daughters profile, now 18. After many swapped messages they met up again and were reunited. Facebook often brings people together, which is often a good thing.

Mother Reunited-Unbelievable Facebook Stories

3.Be Careful

Amazingly a woman who saw her fiance cuddled up with another woman on someone's facebook page, cancelled the wedding. He could not get out of the obvious evidence that he was not being faithful.

Be Careful-Unbelievable Facebook Stories

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