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Unique Engagement Photos

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 8:00 pm

1.Dirty Dancing Engagement Photo

This couple had the time of their life mimicking the scene from Dirty Dancing. The Lift scene from the popular 1980s movie has been recreated at birthday parties, weddings, flash mobs and now for engagement photos. The bride appears as though she's about to fall, but the trust these two have in one another shows why they're getting married.

2.Grease Engagement Photo

This Grease recreation is electrifying! This couple went all out to emulate Danny Zucko and Sandy Olsen for their engagement photos. On top of wearing the same outfits as the characters in the movie, the couple even posed in an amusement park, much like the one featured in the movie.

3.Spider-Man Engagement Photo

When your man is willing to dress up in a jumpsuit and hang upside down for you, then you know he's a keeper. This Spider-Man recreation is almost identical to the notable movie scene. The faces of the bride and groom are hidden, but the passion and romance they share is evident in the photo.

4.Ghost Engagement Photo

The clay molding scene is one of the most recognized clips in the movie Ghost. It's only fitting that a couple would want to recreate such a romantic scene for their engagement photos. The photo is very cute overall, but if your man's chest looks like this groom's then it's best to tell him to keep his shirt on.

5.The Artist Engagement Photo

This engagement photo looks like a regular black and white photo, but it's actually inspired by the award-winning film, The Artist. The couple replicated the 2011 film's movie poster by donning vintage attire from the 1927 era and positioning themselves in the same manner as the actors in the movie.

6.The Notebook Engagement Photo

This pose has been around for several years. However, it has become increasingly popular once the film, The Notebook was released. This photo mimics the heartwarming scene where Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling share a passionate kiss in the rain. This couple isn't in the rain, and they definitely aren't kissing but any Notebook fan can clearly pinpoint this scene from a mile away.

7.The Shining Engagement Photo

If your potential spouse suggests recreating scenes from The Shining as an engagement photo theme, it's time to pack your bags and run. This couple has a unique sense of humor and a whimsical outlook on life. They opted to spice things up for the photo shoot rather than using a traditional theme for their engagement photos. Their theme isn't something that everyone will enjoy, but it obviously works for them.


8.Twilight Engagement Photo

Twilight is one of the most popular engagement photo themes of this generation. These couples posed with their respective spouses for their shoots, making the theme less depressing. One woman even had herself morphed into a photo with one of the male leads. Young lovers find delight in recreating scenes from this dreary and overrated fantasy film.

9.Indiana Jones Engagement Photo

Marriage can be seen as an adventure, so why not use one of the most adventurous movies of all time to create your engagement photos. This couple dressed as Indiana Jones and Marion Ravenwood for their photos. And though this is not an actual scene from the move, the creative atmosphere used to make it, is simply gorgeous!


10.Mr. and Mrs. Smith Engagement Photo

This couple's engagement photo mimics the movie poster for the blockbuster film, Mr. and Mrs. Smith. The photo features the bride and groom standing on opposing sides, with their name in the middle and their upcoming wedding date underneath. It's a creative mockup of the film, but the gun in the groom's hand should have been a garter.

11.Star Wars Engagement Theme

This couple has seen Star Wars one too many times. The bride-to-be is dressed like Darth Maul, while her fiance is sporting Obi-Wan Kenobi's signature threads. You can't really see the bride's face, but their love for the movie and willingness to go the extra mile of dressing as the characters makes their engagement photo unforgettable.


12.Dancers Among Us Engagement Photo

This engagement photo shoot was taken by Sandra Marusic Photography. The couple appears to be reenacting a scene from Dirty Dancing, but the pose and scene was actually inspired by the Dancers Among Us series. The pose itself is gorgeous, but due to busyness of the background, the couple doesn't stand out as much as they should be in their own photo.


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