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Unluckiest Moments Caught On Camera

Monday, Jul 11, 2022, 12:47 pm

1.Bird Poop Explosion

They say bird poop on your car, or on you, is lucky, but it doesn't seem as if the owner of this car is really going to appreciate all that good fortune. Bird poop is also very hard to get off of a car, especially this much. One has to wonder what those birds ate, collectively.

2.Road Freeze

Get out the ice scraper, it's going to be a long day. This car is fully encased in ice, an it would take a blow torch to break it free. A great sight that was captured on camera, and a sight that you don't see all that often. It looks as it if was covered in water and then was flash frozen.

3.Ram Tough

Sometimes you get the bull by the horns, and sometimes it's the other way around. In this case, it seems the bullfighter almost made it to safety, but not before the bull caught a piece of him, and meaty piece at that. This bullfighter won't soon forget the one he taunted.


You got to feel bad for this little guy. He thinks he's found an insect for a nice lunch, but soon he will realize the agony of being the prey versus the predator. Jumping up from the sea to capture the insect, he seems to get some great height only to end up on a hook.

5.Jungle Love

A great shot captures on film as the king of the jungle is getting his butt kicked by a not so happy female. We can't be certain of what he did to annoy her, but he knows better than to stick around as he recoils so quickly, his mane is flying in the wind.

6.Love On The Rocks

This bride and groom were posing for the perfect shot, or so it seemed. That's before the tide decided to come barreling in. What happened next? Well, let's just hope the bride didn't fall in and ruin her hair and dress. The ocean has a mind of its own and doesn't alter its plans for a wedding.

7.Whale Of A Time

It seems they need a bigger boat, a much bigger boat. This gigantic whale dwarfs the nearby boat, looking as if it just might land right on top of it. When something that big comes up from under the sea, it is awe inspiring, but from a far. To be right underneath it can be quite scary.


8.Caught Up

How could this have happened. It seems this ram climbed a telephone pole and tried to balance on the wire, then fell. Lucky for the ram, the horns caught him before he splattered on the ground. Now he dangled there until someone can come and bring him down safely to the ground.

9.Man Overboard

This guy probably doesn't want to see this picture as he is floating butt up with his head underwater. Lucky for him, the rope saved him, but in a very strange position. Cameras were rolling and caught this shot, but hopefully in the next seconds his head was above water.


10.I'm Sinking

This polar bear hangs on for dear life, as the rest of his iceberg sinks below the ocean. He looks very worried, because it's only a matter of time before his oasis becomes submerged as well. The look on his face is priceless and you can almost read his mind.

11.Almost Lost My Head

What exactly was this woman doing? She was either trying to get off the buss and got her head stuck, or was leaning out to look at, or for, someone, and got her head stuck. Needless to say, she got her head stuck and it looks like it hurts a lot.


12.Titanic Meets The Birds

This is what happens when Titanic meets The Birds. Two lovers soaring off the front of a boat, believing they are Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet with a seagull flies straight into them, and into the face of the woman, head butting her in the nose. Funny to us, but probably painful to her.


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