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WTF Live Performance Pics

Friday, Aug 21, 2020, 9:53 am

1.Lady Gaga

In the last few years if you have been wanting to see a strange live performance, then Lady Gaga is undoubtedly the person that you need to check out. She is absolutely bonkers both with what she does and what she wears as you can see here.

2.Grace Jones

If you are wanting a bizarre live performance, then do yourself a favor and try to watch Grace Jones. She has always done some pretty weird things and this is actually quite a tame outfit for her as well.

3.Rita Ora goes mad

This is Rita Ora going ever so slightly mad and we are not just taking about her outfit. Instead, she has decided to do some crazy air guitar in the middle of the performance, but it just does not look right at all.

4.Another one

This is all about her rather strange attire and you do wonder what is going through her head when she is choosing these outfits. Oh yes she is trying very hard to be controversial, but it is not really working is it Miley?

5.A priest?

This was Nicki Minaj at the Grammy awards and her performance was certainly one that made people stop in their tracks. However, they stopped as they were completely confused as to what they were witnessing on stage, so maybe that is not a good thing?

6.Where do you begin?

Where do you even begin with this? It appears to show a woman with very small crutches and a microphone in her mouth? What is this live performance supposed to represent?

7.Could be dangerous

This is the kind of live performance where things could go horribly wrong, but of course it only spells bad news for one guy. He must have got the short straw that day to go and have this done to him.


8.Who knows?

This is from SNL and you will immediately ask yourself what on earth is going on. The scary part is that nobody actually knows, so we will just put it down as SNL madness and be done with hit.

9.She had to be in

Come on she just had to be in this list didn't she? The hardest part was actually trying to decide on just one image of her shows as there are so many WTF moments in the last couple of years. The only sure thing was that the silly tongue had to be included.


10.Kanye West

This may be a bad photograph, but what you have here is Kanye West performing in a straight jacket in Australia. You have to question his sanity in all of this, but then if you are questioning it, then at least he is already in the straight jacket.

11.Unusual to say the least

This was some dancing at the back of another performance and you have to wonder what on earth is going on with this kind of interpretive dance. It appears as if the guy has just fainted and is rolling down that slope while she waves her hands at him, but surely that is not what it actually means?


12.Lovely attire

This was a performance live on MTV by Odd Future and you have to admit that the name is quite apt because surely their own career will have that kind of future if they perform like this? At what point do you start to believe that this is how you should dress?


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