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Weird Ebay Facts

Monday, Aug 31, 2020, 6:28 pm

1.Pet Adoption

Believe it or not, but you can actually adopt a pet on Ebay, but it is in its own special category and clearly it is strictly controlled. It does show how they are willing to sell almost everything and would you not look at this dog and just want to own it?

2.Jack Sheng

Jack Sheng was the first person to reach a feedback score of 1 million, but that is not the best part of the story. Ebay were so impressed that there is now a conference room in their global HQ named after him and they created the shooting star idea just because of his success. Jack is one of the best sellers on their site and you can only imagine how much money he has made.

3.Ebay HQ

When it comes to their HQ, Ebay have actually named sections of it after categories of objects on their site. A look at the plan of the building is rather interesting and it is certainly a different way to move around since corridors and even the canteen has its own unique name. It does help to show how creative they are as a company.

4.Britney Spears

No Britney Spears has not been sold on Ebay, but after she shaved her hair off the salon that did it ended up putting it up for sale and of course it caused a stir. It does show how there are few limitations as to what can be sold on there, as long as it is legal, and of course when it is to do with somebody famous, then the sky really is the limit.


Ebay has to process an estimated 250 million queries every single day, so you can imagine how busy their servers are in order to deal with just this one single thing. It makes your email inbox appear to be so small it is completely insignificant as we really are just a drop in the ocean.


The amount of power and storage space that Ebay needs in order to work is astonishing. It is estimated that they require 10 petabytes of space and this is quite simply a number that is way beyond your comprehension. They need this as it has over 300 million products available at any given time and all of this requires power, and lots of it.

7.Wedding dress

The fact that a wedding dress has been sold on Ebay is not strange, but it is strange when it was modeled by the ex-husband and the dress itself managed to sell for almost $3,000. It is difficult to work out if this boosted the price or if it meant it should have sold for a lot more, but it was certainly different to have a man wearing it in public.



Several years ago the passport for Joe DiMaggio was put up for sale on Ebay and it sold for an amazing $4,800. Clearly it was all due to the person that owned it, but the fact that an old passport could sell for that amount of money just shows how much cash is being passed around on the site and how people will buy virtually anything.


A corn flake that was believed to be in the shape of the state of Illinois was once sold on Ebay for a mind boggling $1,350. Why anybody would want to spend that much on a single flake really is an absolute mystery, but well done on the seller who must have been the most surprised out of everybody when they saw the end price.



Did you know that a handbag is actually sold on Ebay approximately every three seconds? That is quite an amazing fact and it shows how popular this single item is along with how many women just simply cannot resist buying another bag. You can only imagine the stress they put themselves under when waiting to see if they have indeed won.


This is actually the first product that was listed on Ebay and it is a broken laser pointer. It is strange to think that the first item on this massive site was something that did not even work, but you can also imagine how much this item is now worth if it was to be put up for sale on the site once again.



Ebay is famous around the world, but few people know that it was actually called Auction Web when it was first launched. For some reason you cannot see it having become as popular as it now is if they had stuck with that name and the design is also very basic as well although this is due to when this site was launched.


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