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Weird Bedroom Furniture

Sunday, Aug 23, 2020, 4:11 pm

1.Car seat

If you have a child who loves cars, then surely this car seat would be ideal for their bedroom. It would double up as the perfect gaming chair for them although you do not need the rims to be as flashy as this because surely that would then push the price up. The chair is cool, it is very wacky, and ultimately it is just so much fun.


It is difficult trying to work out how or where these orbs would fit into a bedroom as they are different from anything else that you will have in there. Clearly they are well designed and the drawers will certainly be useful, but there is no doubt that it is a bit wacky and perhaps a bit too much for most people who will simply be confused by what they see before them.

3.Wood cabinet

This wood cabinet is another clever piece of design with the way in which it looks as if it has been carved down to a point in the middle and is surely about to snap and topple over at any moment. You can see how this is going to look cool in a bedroom as it is certainly far superior to some of those more boring designs that you could include although you do wonder how well balanced the drawers will be when they are full of clothes.


This is a very funny piece of furniture for a kids bedroom and you just cannot help but feel that it is going to collapse at any moment. You wonder how the drawers actually work and if everything would just slide to one side, but it is a clever piece of design that is going to make a bedroom look slightly different thanks to the wackiness of it.

5.The lid

Would you honestly like to sleep under this? It does not look safe even though you know it will be, but imagine lying there at night looking up and just seeing this lid above you and it being held up by a branch. It really does not fill you with confidence and you certainly could not have it in a guest bedroom or they will not sleep a wink all night.

6.Princess castle

Could there be a better piece of bedroom furniture for a girl than this princess castle? It has a desk area, a wardrobe area, a bed, and of course a slide to get back down in the morning. Yes it is a bit wacky and a bit over the top, but you will never have any problems in getting her to go to bed when there is this fun thing to climb into.

7.Defensive table

Do you worry about somebody breaking into your home while you sleep? Well buy this defensive table and you no longer have to worry since it turns into a club and a shield in an instant. In a strange way you can actually understand people buying this, but it is not the nicest looking thing in the world, but if it makes you feel safer perhaps that is the main thing.


8.Pet house

How funny and wacky is this particular piece of bedroom furniture? The best part is that in a way it is actually quite clever in its design, but surely a dog basket would do the very same thing and save you money? What happens if your dog does not actually want to sleep in there? Surely you would then have wasted quite a substantial amount of money? However, it really is cool and very well designed no matter the reaction.

9.Boat bed

Once again you can see how this boat bed, and the rope walkway to it, could look fantastic in a kids bedroom, but you do need to have quite a big room for it to really work well. This bed is seriously creative and you will probably find it difficult to get your child out of bed in order to do anything if their room is designed like this.


10.Boom cabinet

You can instantly see how this boom cabinet is going to be a lot of fun in a bedroom as long as you know how to hang everything on the wall in the correct way. This cabinet takes away those normal lines of a cabinet and just makes everything look more alive and a bit wacky. The actual design is very clever and your child is going to love having it in their bedroom.

11.Hole cabinet

This cabinet is very strange due to the fact that it has a hole in the middle, so it does give you some rather strange shaped drawers to keep things in. On the other hand it is clearly a lot of fun and you can imagine it in a bedroom for a child more than for an adult. It is cool and quite funky, so if you are looking for something a bit different and out there, then this may very well be the piece for you.


12.Dinosaur bed

How cool would this bed be in a kids bedroom? It is big, it is soft, and there is no doubt that your child would love what has to be one of the cuddliest and cutest dinosaurs to have ever been made. It is just lots of fun and is undoubtedly wacky, so you can see how it deserves to be put on this list of funny bedroom furniture.

13.Black dresser

This piece of furniture is actually very clever as it is called a black dresser and you can see where it draws its inspiration from. Yes the overall design is weird, but then it just somehow works very well indeed and there is no doubt that it is also functional. This piece is going to be perfect for a small room where space is at a premium.

14.Straw bed

There is no way that this straw bed can actually be used as it is impossible for it to be comfortable at any point. OK this is just going to be for show although why anybody would even go to the lengths of making this just for display purposes is also a complete mystery. In one strange way you have to admire them for their work, but surely this is just taking things one step too far?

15.Sheep chair

Believe it or not, but this is a chair for a bedroom and it has to be one of the strangest pieces of furniture that you will ever set eyes on. Why would you ever want a chair that looks like this with three sheep looking back at you every single time you open your eyes? At what point does this seem like a good idea and one you should go ahead with?


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