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Weird Facts About America

Friday, Aug 21, 2020, 4:02 pm

1.Adults & parents

Perhaps this is due to the economy, but up to 25 million adults in the United States are still living with their parents with this number having increased in recent years. There are a number of reasons as to why they could still be there, but it is still a large percentage of the adult population that has not yet moved out. You do wonder what will happen as they get older and whether or not they will ever leave the nest so to speak.

2.Motor vehicles

When it comes to the number of motor vehicles, then the United States has 845 for ever 1000 people while the country with the second most is Japan where they have 593 for every 1000 people. This does partly explain why there are such massive traffic jams all over the country as there are just too many vehicles on the road at any given time.


We all know that coffee is loved in the United States, but did you know that Hawaii is the only part of the US that actually grows it for commercial reasons? Everything else is imported from various countries around the world and this is a surprise as you would surely think that some of the States would be perfect for coffee thanks to the brilliant weather?

4.Wasted food

When it comes to food being wasted, then your average size supermarket is going to throw away over 3,000 pounds of food every single year. Imagine how much is being thrown away and wasted at the bigger hypermarkets and then multiply it up by the number of supermarkets in the country to see how big the food wastage problem really is in the United States.

5.Hospital birth

The former president Jimmy Carter holds the record of being the first American president to have actually been born in a hospital. Clearly there have been others since, but it is still interesting to find out that everybody before him would have been born at home. How or why people decided to go and find out this fact is something that will confuse most of us, but it is still a cool thing to read about.


One amazing fact is that there are approximately 167,000 people living in the United States that have student debt amounting to over $200,000 each. That is one tough start to your adult life knowing you owe all of that money, but how does it get so high in the first place? How do they tackle the debt in order to reduce it without it ruining their life? This really is tough and you do feel sorry for them owing that much money


When it comes to divorce, then the United States rules the world as it has the highest divorce rate by such a huge margin that it is not even worth looking at the other countries to see how bad they are at marriage. Just as with teen pregnancy it is unknown as to what is causing it, but it appears to be the case that in the US marriage is not as sacred as it used to be.


8.Teen pregnancy

The United States has the highest levels of teen pregnancy anywhere in the world. The official statistics put it at 22% and the country that comes second is New Zealand on 14%, so there is a big gap between the two. What this can be put down to is unknown, but the figures may have dropped slightly over the last few years, but they still argue that there are too many teens becoming mothers too early on in their life. at work

Apparently, a survey showed that up to 25% of Americans that have access to the Internet at work have admitted to looking at porn when they are supposed to be working. The only surprise here is that it is just 25% as surely the real figure is just going to be higher, but people are unwilling to admit it? Just think of all the time being wasted by people viewing porn?



The city of Juneau in Alaska is massive. This city is bigger in area than the entire state of Delaware, but you will probably have never heard of it. In actual fact, the city covers approximately 3,000 square miles, but the population is only 32,000, so at least there is a lot of space available and everybody is not living on top of one another.

11.Santa Claus

Apparently there are three towns in the United States with the name Santa Claus. Why you would even have one is a good question, but to then go ahead and have three of them really is strange behavior as it is not exactly the first place name that jumps into your head when making a new town. Surely there were a lot of other options available that sounded better than this?

12.Credit cards

OK credit cards are huge business, but did you know that a staggering one out of every seven adults in the United States have at least ten of them in their name? This shows how many credit cards are going to be out there as even more people have two or three, so no wonder you see adverts all over the place encouraging you to go ahead and take out more of them.

13.Grizzly bear

Did you know that the grizzly bear is actually the state animal for California? This may not sound strange until you discover that it is still the state animal even though there has not been one single sighting of a grizzly bear anywhere in the state since 1922. Surely its time has expired as a state animal when it does not even go there on vacation?

14.Drinking soda

Apparently, the average American is going to drink the equivalent of 600 sodas all by themselves every single year and you only have to imagine how much sugar that then equates to. It also shows you how massive the market actually is when you think about the millions of people that are US citizens, so no wonder that the likes of Coca Cola spend so much on advertising.

15.Montana and cows

Did you know that the state of Montana has three times the number of cows as it does number of people? It is unknown what that actually tells you about the people of Montana and their love for this particular animal, but it is certainly a weird fact that very few people actually know about. The question is, who stood there and counted everything in the first place?


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