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Wonderful Friendship Between Animals

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 11:42 am

1.The puppy and the kitten

Now surely these two are going to be friends for life when they are being brought up like this from an early age? They just look so adorable together and hopefully it will always remain that way.

2.Oh yes you found that itch!!

This shows how two different animals can help one another even with something as simple as having an itchy head. The lion just looks as if it is in absolute paradise thanks to the way it is having its head scratched.

3.The cutest thing ever

Well you have to say that this is one of the cutest pictures you will ever see with different animals because how amazing is it to see the monkey sitting like that on the back of the cub? The fact that a couple of tigers are in there as well is just an added bonus.

4.Ohh that's it right behind the ear!!

Well this is a photograph that will certainly make you smile because did you ever imagine that you would see a cat and a pigeon interacting in this way? The cat looks as if it is thoroughly enjoying whatever the pigeon is doing because that face just screams out bliss.

5.Best of friends rather than enemies

Well these two are actually the best of friends when we all know that they should, by rights, be enemies. It does show that we are wrong in thinking that certain animals just should not get along.

6.A dog and a cat (sort of)

Which one of the two looks the happiest here? The thing you have to keep in mind is that it is basically a dog and a cat just the cat is a bit different to the one that you will have around your home.

7.Don't eat it

This photograph is really amazing because clearly the leopard could devour the monkey in an instant, but instead it is mothering it. This is one of those moments where nature just goes against everything that you ever imagined about it.


8.The hippo and the rabbit

How amazingly cute is this? Here we have an absolute giant of an animal in a hippo being friends with something that is very, very delicate in a rabbit. The two of them seem to get on like a house on fire, so the hippo really is a gentle giant.

9.The vantage point

Well this is certainly quite useful in that the elephant is providing the dog with a vantage point to overlook absolutely everything else. It shows a great understanding between them as they both clearly know their place in the relationship.


10.A loving hug

The look in the eyes of the monkey in particular is so sweet as you know that the little dog means so much to it and it is not wanting to let go. Whether the dog thinks exactly the same is something that is up for debate.

11.Feeding on the tiger

This tiger is starting to really grow up fast, but it is still just a big soft cat with these piglets around it. They must be annoying it in some way with them nibbling on him and just generally getting in the way, but he is not showing his emotion.


12.A friendly monkey

Aww how cute is this? You have to admit that the monkey is pretty good at feeding the tiger and the two of them are just going to grow up as the best of friends even when the tiger is absolutely massive.


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