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Words Are Not The Same In Florida

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 7:59 pm


For a lot of people, interstate is a way of getting from one place to another, but for people in Florida it is like the road to nowhere. All they have to look forward to is one jam after another and there is no way that this can be exciting.


Wildlife just seems to be a bit more dangerous in Florida than elsewhere as you can see here. While most people deal with deer or raccoons, they have to deal with a gator and you know which one you would prefer to come across.

3.Swimming pool

For a lot of people going in the pool is something that you only do in summer due to the temperature, but in Florida it is a daily event. Obviously this is just due to the temperature changes and you can kind of understand why they jump in to cool off.


For a lot of people, having a tan shows you have been out in the sun and people will then comment on it. For people from Florida this is now your normal skin color and it is just something that happens as you even go and put the trash out.


If you are talking about the keys in Florida, then they think you are talking about the place rather than something that you use to unlock a door. However, even though they are beautiful mother nature is useless at helping you to get into your house.


To most people, snow is the white stuff that falls from the sky and lands on the ground, but they do not get that in Florida. Instead, to them snow is the white stuff in their freezer as that is the closest that they will ever come to it.

7.70 degrees

To most of us 70 degrees is a nice temperature and one we can happily live with, but for people from Florida it means something completely different. They feel as if the ice age has hit again, so out come the warm clothes.


8.Heavy rain

Heavy rain takes on a new meaning in Florida because when it comes on you really do know all about it. The showers are short, but very heavy, so in Florida you have to just wait it out as there is no point in soldiering on like other parts of the country.

9.Steering wheel

A steering wheel is of course the thing we use to steer the car, but in Florida it is a completely different thing. Instead, this is like a hot plate from an oven after it is in the sun for any length of time and you end up scalding yourself. It means it now becomes the wheel of death.



For most people, flip-flops are things that you only wear when you go to the beach. However, in Florida it is completely different because you end up wearing them anywhere or else your feet would get too hot in other footwear.


Summer does still mean hot in Florida, but while you can enjoy it in most of the country it just gets far too much and turns itself from something very nice into something that is like hell. You cannot wait until it cools down a bit again.



Yep in Florida, winter does not have the same negative feelings connected to it as you get elsewhere. It just does not ever feel that cold in all honesty leading to sandmen instead of snowmen.


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