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Worlds Stupidest Selfies

Tuesday, Aug 17, 2021, 10:29 am

1.Peace Man

This young guy is snapping a selfie while an old man is washing his hands. We can't be sure if he is trying to capture himself and caught the man in the photo by accident, or if he finds it fascinating when old men wash their hands and wanted to show his friends just what he got to experience.

2.Dumb Blond Moment

She may be smiling for her selfie, but in about one second, that smile is going to be turned upside down, because a baseball is coming straight at her head. So let's examine what might be going on here. Either she has no idea the ball is coming at her, or she knew, and wanted to catch it in action.

3.Hard Hat Man

What's with all the tools in the bathroom? Maybe he has a big job to do, but he looks pretty lame standing there in his hard hat snapping a selfie in the mirror. Big power tools for men with small ... ideas. This guy has way too many tools for any job he may be doing in there.

4.You're Gonna Hear Me Roar

What can be said here, other than meow. This woman looks to have tattooed her whle body with the foot prints of a cat. Let's hope it's not permanent. She must be pretty proud of it, because she wants the world to see the great idea she had to turn herself into the stomping ground of a cat.

5.Pulled Over Selfie

Is being pulled over an occasion to take a picture. Well, these days, anything is reason for a selfie. With smartphones in the hands of every dummy, these types of pictures circulate every social network. Bet they won't be so happy, when they are given a ticket, or worse yet, have their license revoked.

6.I'm Radioactive

It's all fun and games until someone becomes radioactive. This kid might think it's funny to pose in front of a power plant, but he is probably receiving radiation right now, and that's why his mouth is hanging open. The damage is already done, he may as well make the best of it.

Weird thing number one. A boy taking a picture at a [email protected] Weird thing number two, he is smiling and looking like he is having fun at a [email protected] Weird thing number three, and the most weird of all, his dead grandmother is right behind him. Say what? That's a big time fail.


8.Kayaking In The Bathroom

Not even sure what this selfie is trying to say. Did he bust into the bathroom with his kayak just to take a picture, or did the tree fall through the roof and he thought it would be a good idea to kayak on by. He is looking up after all, so it makes sense that something strange happened here.

9.Almost Clean Shaven

Strange indeed. If you shave your entire body, it's embarrassing enough, but do you really want to share it with the whole world. This selfie is funny, and hopefully, this person, who looks to be female, is not shaving her breasts and her forehead, but one never knows, she could be wolfman's sister.


10.Want To Try It?

This guy looks like he is asking us if we want to try doing what the dogs are doing behind him. Maybe he sent this to his girlfriend or wife to get her in the mood. Let's hope not because that would be just too weird. Chances are he was taking a selfie and the dogs photobombed him.

11.It's Getting Hot Out Here

How and why do you smile when a house is burning down. If you want to take a picture of it, take a picture of the fire, but don't put yourself in it, unless you are the arsonist that set the fire, this picture is just plain creepy. Nice teeth though, better close your mouth before they get full of soot.


12.Say What?

Why take a selfie when you're making this face. I guess it's better than the fish pout, trout lip selfie that everyone takes and posts to their social networks, but this face is right up there with weird. Unless there is a good caption to go with it, we have to wonder if the sight of herself causes this reaction.


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