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World's Most Amazing Islands

Sunday, Aug 30, 2020, 7:28 pm


The island of Moorea apparently has the best shark fishing anywhere in the world, but apart from that you have to say that the lagoon that surrounds it is absolutely stunning. This is an island that is breathtaking in so many ways and it is certainly worth a visit all on its own.

2.Bora Bora

This in in French Polynesia and you have to say that it is stunning. This is the kind of island that you dream about, but the most amazing thing is that it is actually very real indeed. A trip here may cost a lot of money, but it provides you with some brilliant memories.


Bermuda has so many hidden coves and quiet beaches that you will always manage to get some peace and quiet even though it is very popular throughout the entire year. The weather is amazing, the views are stunning, and this is going to be one brilliant trip.


People often forget about Tasmania and that is a real shame because it has so much to offer. Hobart is a big enough city to keep you entertained, but there are so many areas to explore from wild forest to beautiful beaches.

5.WhitSunday Islands

This is in Australia and if you want to see the Great Barrier Reef, then this is the place where you are advised to start from. It is beautiful in its own right, and it is certainly a great place to explore, but just watch out for the various nasties that tend to live there.


This is half of St Kitts and Nevis and even though the island is relative small it is still worth checking out. It is vibrant, beautiful, has amazing water, pristine beaches, and basically it is a bit of paradise.

7.Vancouver Island

Vancouver is an amazing city to visit and there is so much to do to keep you busy during your stay. One of the things that you must do is explore the island because it is rugged, gorgeous, and you do not feel as if you are in the middle of nowhere and abandoned by society.



It would have been easy to include loads of individual islands that make up Hawaii, but it is best to just thrown most of them in there together as they are all amazing and beautiful in their own way. The scenery is difficult to beat anywhere in the world and of course it is also fully civilized.


There is no way that you cannot look at this photograph and wish that you were not there. Fiji is in the Pacific and it has a wonderful climate and a laid back approach to everything and it is no surprise that a lot of people go there for their honeymoon. It may not have the best nightlife, but who needs it when it looks like this?



Visiting the Maldives is going to be an amazing experience for you and you can understand why after looking at this one solitary image. Paradise really does exist on earth as you can see here and if you visited it would you ever want to leave?


This is just one small snapshot of what the Seychelles has to offer and you have to admit that it is pretty spectacular. Just look at the beach that this one small island has to offer you and it is no surprise that if you want peace and quiet that this is the place you need to head for.


12.British Virgin islands

These islands certainly have a lot to offer considering they are not exactly the biggest in the world. Obviously stunning scenery is only part of it, but can you now understand why so many companies wanted to be based here?


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