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12 Worst Christmas Decorations Ever

Wednesday, Jul 13, 2022, 9:16 am

People spend a lot of money and put in a significant effort to decorate their homes beautifully for Christmas. From handpicking Christmas tree to decorating it with lights and ornaments, different people show off their creativity in a variety of ways. Some individuals, however, take the most outrageous path when it comes to Xmas decoration! They adorn their properties in the most inappropriate and worst way possible.  Take a look at these 12 worst Christmas decorations that once again prove there are always two kinds of people in this world! Nevertheless, they are hilarious!
1.This Inappropriate Tree Lighting

This picture serves as the best example why one should never decorate their palm tree with lights! The owner of this property might not have embellished the tree this way, deliberately. With that being said, we can't rule out the possibility of the existence of a cheeky person in that house! Whatever the reason be, this tree that looks like a spurting "D" seems inappropriate, awkward, and embarrassing! Imagine living next to this property and witnessing a giant c*ck like structure on the Christmas Eve! Well, that's the last thing an average person wants to see on the festival day.

This Inappropriate Tree Lighting-12 Worst Christmas Decorations Ever

2.Santa Claus Has Something Weird In His Hand!

Well, this picture looks weird as well. What do you think Santa has in his hands? Apparently, it appears like a bizarre white dildo with veiny texture! In defense of the person who put up that weird thing in Father Christmas's hands, that could just be an ice pop. If you look at it keenly, you may well agree that it is indeed a melting ice pop! Anyway, this picture is scandalous enough for us to feature it in this worst Christmas decorations list. It looks freaking hilarious, though! 

Santa Claus Has Something Weird In His Hand!-12 Worst Christmas Decorations Ever

3.That's A Bomb!

That's one odd-looking Christmas ornament! Apparently, it looks like a hand grenade. What a way to mark a great holiday blast! A Swedish army museum manufactured these controversial ornaments and sold them to raise money to support poor and offer disaster relief. Many people around the world purchased the hand grenade ornaments and adorned their Christmas trees with them. While some people appreciated the museum for its effort, many religious conservatives from around the world lambasted the organization for linking the festival of peace and joy with violence

That's A Bomb!-12 Worst Christmas Decorations Ever

4.Ladder Christmas Tree

If you don't have time to get a Christmas tree, or you don't like trees in general, then there's nothing wrong with improvising. This is a ladder that someone adorned with Christmas lights and random ornaments. Then to make matters worse, the 'tree's' Christmas 'star' is a bowling pin. If you're not superstitious then sitting and standing underneath this tree won't be a problem with you.

Ladder Christmas Tree-12 Worst Christmas Decorations Ever

5.This Seemingly Controversial Christmas Decoration

What can go wrong when you put up a sign in front of your home that reads as ISIS? Your neighbors are definitely going to call cops on you! In 2015, a resident of Limerick, Maine, decorated his home like this for Christmas that drew unwanted attention. He adorned his property in a way that it looked like Santa was peeing on ISIS. His neighbors failed to understand his creativity and called cops, thinking he was an ISIS sympathizer. The police officials arrived immediately and found what's really up with that bizarre decoration. The locals were relieved to learn that the guy was a pro-American who was just trying to send a message to the Daesh!

This Seemingly Controversial Christmas Decoration-12 Worst Christmas Decorations Ever

6.Santa: The Murderer

This Christmas decoration is extremely morbid. Santa Claus doesn't have a mean bone in his body. However, this Christmas scene tells an entirely different story. This Santa Claus is holding a bloody knife in one hand and what looks like a severed head in another. Looks like Santa will have to put himself on the naughty list this year.

Santa: The Murderer-12 Worst Christmas Decorations Ever

7.Hanging Reindeer

This gives new meaning to 'time to hang up the Christmas decorations.' Someone took a light-up Christmas reindeer and decided to hang it from its hind legs. Of course this isn't harmful to a string of wire, but it's just in poor taste. Hopefully Rudolph isn't anywhere around to see this.

Hanging Reindeer-12 Worst Christmas Decorations Ever


8.Balloon Christmas House

The owner of this house took every balloon and float from the annual Christmas parade and placed them in front of their home. Even though all of the decorations have a Christmas theme, none of them really go together. There are so many decorations on the house that it seems almost impossible to even enter it.

Balloon Christmas House-12 Worst Christmas Decorations Ever

9.This Festival Decoration That Looks Dark And Depressive

Dolls and plush toys are an essential part of Christmas decoration. They look pretty if you just put them in the right place. As you can see in the picture, someone hung a bunch of toys in their lawn that look creepy as hell. Their shadows on the wall look a lot scarier than the actual dolls. The whole scene looks very dim and depressive. Whether or not they are trying to scare their neighbors, the person who set up dolls this way is surely a weirdo. Unsurprisingly, we all have one neighbor in our communities who is a creeper!  

This Festival Decoration That Looks Dark And Depressive-12 Worst Christmas Decorations Ever


10.Injured Santa

Poor Santa never stood a chance. It's not clear if Santa Claus' sleigh flies higher than airplanes or below them, but judging by this decoration they seem to be at even altitudes. Just remember to shield your kids' eyes, because this is the last thing they need to see before boarding a plane.

Injured Santa-12 Worst Christmas Decorations Ever

11.A Lazy Person's Xmas Decoration

Hey, did you notice that house on the extreme right side of the picture! We are actually talking about it. Whoever lived in that house was too lazy to decorate their property beautifully for Christmas. Instead, they just put up a funny sign that reads as "Ditto!" What a lazy way to adorn home on Christmas Eve! Nevertheless, that house still managed to grab the attention of thousands of people sans any extravagant festival decoration. Sometimes, stupid ideas like these do wonders! From an appearance perspective, the decoration looks worse, and that is the only reason why it made it to this topic! 

A Lazy Person's Xmas Decoration-12 Worst Christmas Decorations Ever


12.Peeing Santa Lights

Anyone who celebrates Christmas has at least one Santa decoration either inside or outside of their home. This Santa decoration is an eye grabber, but not in a positive way. Some crude individual took a jolly light-up Santa and attached a string of lights to its cr0tch to make it seem like he's peeing off the side of the roof. Try explaining this concept to little Timmy who is learning how to use the potty.

Peeing Santa Lights-12 Worst Christmas Decorations Ever


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