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Worst Dragonball Z Logic

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2020, 3:22 pm


You have to admit that a good point is being made here that having a tail is not that strange when you think of everything else that goes on with DBZ. If you think that the tail is the strangest thing, then in all honesty you have not been paying attention.

2.Lots of logic

There is so much going on here that it is actually impossible to comment apart from the fact that every single thing does go against what should really happen. You do start to question what was going on with the creators of the game when they do start to come up with stuff that is this wrong though, don't you?


How exactly does this work? How can you look younger when you are 12 than you did when you were 11? That just does not make any sense at all and it does completely defy logic because everybody should look older as they get older unless there is some young plastic surgeon?


You have to admit that this is a strange way for two very strong characters to actually battle one another. Why would they simply resort to biting when there are so many other options? Could the creators not come up with anything better than this?


OK so you do not have to be too concerned about how time passes in these kinds of shows, but five minutes taking 12 episodes to pass really is taking things a bit too far. Surely it should have been in the same episode rather than all of that time? At what point do the creators think that those five minutes have passed?

6.Perfect hair

You have to admit that this is something that does confuse your mind because how can the clothes be left in such a state, but their hair is absolutely perfect even though they have clearly been through quite a lot. Surely their hair would need to be in a mess as well? Is that not how it works?

7.Hair & yelling

This is one of those funny things where it is believed that the length of your hair is linked to how loud you can yell. This is a strange logic because then quiet people would never have to go to a hairdresser ever again, but of course that is not how it works apart from in this land.



Do some of the people that make these games actually sit and think things through correctly? They seem to make some things appear to be absolutely brilliant, but on the other end the main hero still washes in a barrel, so something is not right there is it?


You do wonder how this logic is supposed to work as none of it makes sense. Again it is an example of how things are turned around in these kinds of games in order to play with our minds and boy do they manage to do that when you read things such as this.


10.Safe earth

You have to admit that this is some strange logic because they do just go ahead and destroy everything, so how come earth survives in this way? At what point does somebody look at all of this and think that something is just not quite right and that logic can surely destroy the ability to believe in a game?


This is certainly strange logic with the idea that you can catch something going as fast as a bullet, but when it comes to catching a small piece of jewelry you have a problem. Sure if it was the other way around you would be fine with it, but this just plays with your mind and makes you feel as if something is just not right.



It is funny to think that if you are losing a fight all you need to do is increase your own personal volume and everything is going to be better. This is certainly a bizarre type of logic, but one that appears to work in Dragonball Z.


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