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Worst Fake Six Pack Fails

Saturday, Aug 22, 2020, 10:38 am

1.The Real Six Pack

Now this is what you might call a real six pack. Dedicated to his beer, this guy had the idea to draw a six pack where a six pack should go. Hopefully, this is not a permanent tattoo, but you never know what some people might do. Funny though, if he is trying to make a joke.

2.Drawn That Way

Baby, he was drawn this way. Obviously this man so desperately wants to be a sex symbol, he got himself little red bikini briefs, please let's hope he is not wearing a thong, and then drew matching muscles over his large belly. Assuming the position, and flexing his muscles, in his own mind he thinks he looks good.

3.Shady Shading

This woman probably heard about people drawing abs on their stomachs, but she did a horrible job. Instead of looking like drawn on abs, it looks more like two stick people playing volleyball over a net. It's crazy what some people will do to their bodies all for the sake of vanity.

4.Buff Hitler

If Hitler really had abs like these, maybe he wouldn't have been so uptight. He would have had many woman to take his mind of trying to create the perfect race of people. All joking aside, this man was a horrific human being, if you can even call him human, and no six pack is going to change that.

5.Fenced In Abs

This is a hilarious joke. The fence creates the lines of a six pack on the abs of these two guys, but how did they find this out. It makes you wonder what goes through some people's minds when they come upon such things. Did one of them accidentally bump into the fence with his shirt off?

6.Haircut Abs

They say you can do a lot with shading, and so why not use the hair on your body to create the looks you want. This guy used his teddy bear chest hair to create the perfect six pack abs. Too bad his belly sticks out too far to make it believable. At least he's trying.

7.Marked up

It's important to be able to laugh at yourself, and this guy better have a good sense of humor if he plans to go out of the house looking like that. Obviously, he is making a joke of himself with a big black marker, drawing a six pack where no six pack exists.


8.Beer Belly

This takes the term beer belly to a whole new level, but hey why not embrace it. This guy obviously has a huge gut thanks to one too many six packs of beer. So he has it emblazoned on his tummy to show the world what he deems his very own six pack.

9.T- Shirt

Jack Black knows where it's at. If you can't have six pack abs, wear a shirt that looks like you do. This t-shirt makes it appear as if the shirt is see through and that we are looking at the svelte, ripped abdomen beneath it. Only a jokester like Mr. Black can get away with this.



Well, if females can put implants into their breasts, why can't a man put implants into his stomach. The problem though is that without any pectoral muscles or biceps it just looks really odd. People need to realize that there is no quick fix. dieting and exercise is the best way to get a six pack.

11.Buns Of Steel

This is hilarious. Taping a six pack of funs to his stomach is probably the only six pack he is ever going to have, especially if he is eating enriched bleached white flour buns. Maybe instead of spending time with these types of pranks, he should be at the gym working out.


12.Photo Shop Fail

Does this guy really think we don't know he photoshopped his body and the abs of someone else. First of all the lower body suddenly gets wider than the upper body, and what happens when he takes his shirt off for real? I guess he can say he at too much and got fat.


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