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Worst Ways To Break Up

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2020, 4:16 pm

1.Ask Your Friend To End Your Relationship

If you won't want to end your relationship, you can always follow in the footsteps of Cyrano de Bergerac. This means that you'll send your friend to meet up with your soon-to-be ex and have them break things off for you. To make sure things go smoothly with the break up, try hiding behind the nearest bush.

2.Ending Things Over The Phone

Breaking up with someone over the phone can be seen as spineless, but it's better than nothing. Doing it over the phone gives a person courage, where as they might chicken out at the last minute when they see their beau in-person. Ending your relationship over the phone is harsh, but at least you can hang up the phone with the other person starts pleading for you to change your mind.

3.Leave Them A Post It

Leaving a Post-It note with a cute reminder for your beau will make their heart flutter. But on the other side of things, some people use Post-It notes to break up with the person they're with. Word to the wise, if you're going to use a Post-It to end your relationship make sure the adhesive on the back is sticky enough so it won't slip off of the surface.

4.Put their Stuff on the Sidewalk

If you have shacked up with your significant other and you want to end things, then help them move out. Take all of their items, package them up and leave them outside of the door. When they come home, they'll understand that it's time to find a new place to live and a new person to be in a relationship with.

5.Mail Them A Letter

If you've been with someone long enough, then you must know where they live. If you don't have the guts to break up with them in person, then you go the old-fashioned route and mail them a 'Dear John' letter, or a break up letter. This way you can get all of your feelings out and not have to worry about being interrupted by their tears.

6.Cheat On Them And Then Tell Them

Cheating on someone you supposedly care about is a terrible act. Some people can get over being cheated on, but not way then cheater shows no remorse. If you're at your wits end and don't know how else to break up with someone, then you can always cheat on them.

7.Pick A Fight on Purpose

Some couples can fight and make up without blinking an eye. But then there are couples who fight and break up as a result. One way to end a relationship is to intentionally pick fights with your significant other. No one likes to fight with their boyfriend or girlfriend constantly. After a while it gets old and the person you're picking the fights with will eventually walk away.


8.Post Photos of Your New Beau

One of the most ruthless ways to break up with someone is by flaunting your new relationship (or fling) in their face or via social media. Showing off your new beau to the world is pretty cold, but your former significant other will be so upset that they won't even bother to ask you what went wrong.

9.Ignore Their Calls

No one likes to be ignored, especially someone you're in a relationship with. If you ignore someone long enough, they'll eventually take the hint and move on with their life. This isn't the nicest way to break up with someone, but it drives the point home. Let's just hope your former fling doesn't show up at your house to get some answers.


10.Changing Your Facebook Relationship Status

If you're tired of being in a relationship and don't know how to tell the other person, then let your social media account do it for you. If you and your beau both have a Facebook account, then they'll get the message loud and clear that you want out of the relationship if you change your status on Facebook.

11.Break Up via Text

People send text messages for everything nowadays. Technology has made the human race extremely lazy. Instead of breaking up with a person face-to-face and more and more people rather let technology do the talking for them. Sending a text message to end a relationship is the easy way out, so if you don't have a spine then you can always take this route.


12.Breaking Up Via E-mail

One of the most heartless ways to break up with someone is via e-mail. It takes a couple of minutes to type and send a 'Break-up E-mail.' If you've been with your significant other for more than a few months, then they deserve a little more than that. If you break up with someone via e-mail, just make sure it doesn't end up in the recipient's spam folder.


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