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Worst Funeral Selfies Ever

Wednesday, Jul 6, 2022, 4:02 pm

Worst funeral selfies ever
1.Final Thought

Another mourner finding it necessary to take a snap of themselves on their way to a [email protected] This type of thing might indicate it is time we stood back and considered the harm we do to ourselves and others during our selfish selfie need. After all the people who are deceased in these photographs did not have any say in the matter of their final pictures that went viral.

2.Bad Hair Day

Perhaps media is to blame with our obsession on our looks. This girl loves her hair but hates why she is dressed up. Is this her focus on a very sad day?

3.Face Pulling is Grief?

In the days before selfies, perhaps we showed the deceased more respect as well as ourselves. What is it with the face pulling? Is this how we now express our grief?


Technically this is not a [email protected] selfie, since the 'jumper' in the background did not in fact jump, but a [email protected] selfie could have been clicked. Bad taste surely meets new heights in this strange photograph. The woman who took this photograph doesn't realize how disrespectful this is?

5.Beyond Belief

This guy snaps a selfie with his dead family member in full view. One has to ask oneself if this is how you want to remember your loved one? In days gone by taking photos of the dead was questionable. Now it appears that we not only do that but add strange hand signals and faces too.


Some people take selfies with their loved one's ashes. As shown here, we are assured that the ashes are not actually there, but still. This young woman doesn't seem to know that the deceased deserve a little respect. Particularly with her revealing outfit.

7.Exceptionally Bad Taste

Selfies at [email protected] seem to be seeping into our blood. Two Prime Ministers and a President show incredible bad taste and pose for a 'selfie' at Nelson Mandela's [email protected] As world leaders their job is to teach society and be role models.


8.Protect Our Loved One's

One has to determine that taking a selfie of yourself with your grandma at her [email protected] is a way to work out your loss. Or else this would make no sense. The gran smiles happily from her photograph while the young boy makes a face.

9.Bad looks

Are we so self obsessed with how we look? Even when we cry at a [email protected] we then feel the need to explain why we looked washed out? Is looking washed out and make-up-less so bad even at a [email protected]?


10.Never Ending Selfies

Selfies are often just bad taste. Here a young lady takes a picture of herself in the bathroom at the [email protected] Is this a new and scary compulsion? Should this person rather be helping and assisting people with their loss at the [email protected]


These two are on their way to a [email protected] Do people actually pull faces and act out on their way to a [email protected]? If they do this photograph will remind this pair of their behavior. Selfies seem to bring about a new range of behaviors not really seen before in human existence.


12.Selfies Show Our True Selves

These days with technology so at hand and that includes photographs that are instant, people may not think of the consequences of their actions. Taking a selfie at a [email protected] has to be the hight of bad taste. Particularly as you can see this boys deceased grandmother in the background.


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