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Worst Inventions Ever

Sunday, Aug 15, 2021, 1:52 pm

1.Is it really tasty?

Would you actually trust this product enough to eat it? It just seems a bit strange to have a sandwich in a can, hence the name of sandwich and you just automatically feel that this would not be nice in the slightest.

2.Mobile lighter

This does take the mobile phone to a new level because not only can you make calls, but you can also light cigarettes with it as well. You are going to get some very strange looks when you take out your phone and hold a cigarette to it, so do not be scared if people start trying to lead you away for fear of you being a danger to yourself.

3.Water pistol umbrella

With this umbrella you can then manage to have a water pistol fight thanks to the rain and surely everybody has thought about doing that when it is raining haven't they? This comes across as one of those items that was designed after too much beer because surely that is the only time when this actually makes any sense?

4.Digital dice

There actually are digital dice out there for you to buy and you have to just look at that invention and come to the conclusion that somebody had too much time on their hands. Why change something that has been working perfectly well for thousands of years?

5.That battery powered charger

This just comes across as completely contradicting itself because yes it is a battery charger, but to charge it you need to use batteries, but they are the things that are needing charged in the first place? Confused? Not half as much as the person that created this.


Ahh yes underpants for your hands, just what everybody is looking for this winter. You do start to worry for the sanity of some people because at what point in your life do you actually stop and come up with this for an idea and then believe that other people will want to buy it? water

Oh yes this is an actual product so if you think that water is just a bit too fattening, then there is now a diet version for you to consider buying instead. You must be pretty desperate to lose weight if you actually think that you can get diet water.


8.Jean boots

There is a reason as to why you will not see these boots on the catwalk and that is simply because they are absolutely rubbish. Look at them, you have a cut up pair of jeans around the bottom of your legs and how is that sexy or cool in any way? You look like an idiot, so avoid them.

9.Holding hands leash

This is quite creepy because it looks like you are walking hand in hand with part of a mannequin and you have just lost the rest of it further back the road. Imagine the looks you will get walking along with this in your hand.


10.The firebox

This invention is absolutely crazy. The idea is to stop people from setting off fire alarms just to be funny and there is no doubt that it would indeed do this. The only problem is that it will also trap the hand of the person who is trying to alert people to a fire, so they will end up being like crispy duck because they could not escape from the flames thanks to this box.

11.Spray on hair

In the one sense you can understand why some people would decide to use this product. However, on the other hand it is basically just black paint in an aerosol can that you spray on and is that really something that you want to be using? All it does is it colors your scalp.


12.Baby cage

Go on, admit it you are stunned at this invention. This is something that was created in the US in the early 1920's, but it actually became quite popular in London in the 30's because it allowed the baby to get some fresh air without going out with them. The fact that this was hanging in midair was apparently nothing to be concerned about.


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