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12 Romantic Things Ever Happened

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 9:53 pm

Valentine's Day is almost here. We know most people are busy finding two things, a Valentine's Day gift, or that 'special someone' to accept a gift. We thought it's good to show you some really nice relationship stories that are sure to change your opinion altogether. With people becoming more and more selfish, and relationships failing so fast, it's almost unbelievable that love stories like these exist! Check these twelve romantic and cutest things every happened. These aren't just stories; Some of these should be the relationship goals for couples of this generation! 
7.And this true form of love

Liu and Xu are a Chinese elderly couple who eloped and married when they were young. Xu is ten years older to her husband Liu. Fearing the family and society, the eloped couple started living inside a cave on top of a mountain. Liu hand carved 6000 steps in a span of fifty years to help his wife get down the mountain easily. 

And this true form of love-12 Romantic Things Ever Happened

8.The Couple Who Spent Every Night Together

Lionel and Ellen got married in 1936. Ever since the couple got married, there wasn't a single night in their life where the couple left each other or slept alone. 

The Couple Who Spent Every Night Together-12 Romantic Things Ever Happened

9.This Touching Story

John Silva, an old man from California, brings his wife's photo along with him whenever he dines out. His wife Hilda passed away in 2009. He said he can only fall sleep by hugging his wife's photo every day.

This Touching Story-12 Romantic Things Ever Happened

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