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15 Famous Personalities Who Married Their Family Members

Sunday, Sep 15, 2019, 9:19 pm

Marrying family members, particularly cousins, is taboo in many countries, religions and cultures.It's also genetically incorrect as it results in genetic disorders. However, cousin marriages or marrying family members isn't uncommon. Cousin marriage laws in the United States differ from state to state. Cousin marriages are allowed in states like California, Florida, Maryland, and New York. In states like Texas and Nevada, it is against the law to have sex or marry one's cousin. Check out these fifteen famous personalities who married their family members.
4.Johann Sebastian Bach

The 17th-century iconic German musician Johan Sebastian Bach married his second cousin Maria Barbara Bach.

Johann Sebastian Bach-15 Famous Personalities Who Married Their Family Members

5.H.G. Wells

The 'War of the Worlds' author H.G. Wells, who is known as the father of modern fiction, married his first cousin Isabel Mary Wells. However, the marriage didn't last long as H.G. Wells cheated on his wife with multiple women.

H.G. Wells-15 Famous Personalities Who Married Their Family Members

6.Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, are related. They both are direct descendants of Queen Victoria. Queen Elizabeth II is Prince Philip's third cousin through Queen Victoria. Prince Philip was born in a Greece-Denmark royal family. He gave up his Greek and Danish royal titles to marry Queen Elizabeth II.

Queen Elizabeth II-15 Famous Personalities Who Married Their Family Members


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